Quick Voluminous Hair for a Busy Mum – with John Frieda

Quick Voluminous Hair for a Busy Mum – with John Frieda

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a love/hate thing going on with my hair.

As a child, it was long and blonde and I could sit on it. A a teen it turned frizzy and mousy, and I spent hours and hours attacking it with a hair straightener.

Many moons and many colours later, after my third pregnancy, my shoulder length hair decided it wanted to be naturally wavy. I was more than happy about this, as it required minimal effort – just what I needed as a busy mum.

I do however love my hair longer, but as it gets longer, the wave remains but it seems to become limp and lifeless. As soon as my hair gets a few inches below my shoulders, I normally have it cut off again as it makes me feel frumpy and boring with it just hanging there.

I was recently going through a debate with myself, whether to get the chop again – my hair is the longest it has been for a while, but even the current Balayage colour which I love, wasn’t even helping to give it any life.

My haircare routine involves A LOT of dry shampoo, and avoiding washing it where possible as I am usually too tired, after a full day of school runs, after school clubs, cooking, housework, playing, and generally being mum.

I was so happy to recieve an email about the new Voluminous Hair range from John Frieda, and was desperate to give it a go.

I was kindly sent the 7 Day Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and the Perfectly Full Mousse. I have to be honest, in the past I haven’t been a huge fan of volumising hair products  – in the past I have found the conditioners don’t really make my hair feel soft, and mouse makes my hair stiff and sticky.

The John Frieda Range contains a Caffeine Vitality Complex,  claiming to transform fine, flat hair into hair with volume and softness.

I am now eating my own words about my dislike of volumising products , as I LOVED these. The shampoo made my hair feel clean – and worked well at getting rid of the 15 tonne of dry shampoo that I had used that morning (mum cliche), and the conditioner immediately felt nourishing and made hair feel soft.

The mousse felt light, and not at all sticky – although as you can see from the photo it did give me a bit of a surprise at the urgency it came out! 

Normally I would use a round brush to blow dry my hair if I wanted volume, but in order to put these products to the test, I only blowdried the frizzy front section (damn baby hair, which I am still getting 2 years after having my youngest) and then just dried the rest with the hair drier.

As my hair dried, I could immediately feel the volume, and after wrapping a few of the ends quickly around my curling barrel, I was done. No need for lengthly blow drying, or the dreaded backcombing (I swear I was a country singer from the deep south in a previous life).

My hair felt light and bouncy, and best of all from start to finish took me less than 20 minutes – the perfect hair routine when you have a toddler holding onto your ankles, and two other monkeys squabbling in the background. Note – I do apologise for the lack of makeup, as the squabbling turned physical at this point and I had to abandon my plans for getting rid of my zombie face and eye bags! My hair smelt lovely – fresh and clean, but it wasn’t an overpowering smell – I hate products that over power perfume!

I was so impressed with the products – so much so that I popped into Boots to look at what other products were in the range – and came away with the 7 day volume run shower treatment to try.

I will definitely repurchase this range when I have finished using these bottles – they have made my hair feel amazing, and given me a little bit of extra time in the morning  – and all the while my hair is looking good, and the volume definitely lasts – even after a broken nights sleep!

I highly recommend you give them a try if like mine, your hair is feeling dull and lifeless.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent the John Frieda Voluminous Hair products in exchange for this review, but 100% of the photos and opinions are my own –  I only review honestly, and will only recommend a product if I genuinely love it. Huge thanks to Brooke at Performics for sending me the products.


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