Childs Farm Review – Bath and Body Wash #sponsored

Childs Farm Review –  Bath and Body Wash #sponsored

I am a fussy mum when it comes to what products I use on my children skin. When Izzie was born I bought a brand that everyone said to use, my mum had used it for me, and I didn’t even give it a second thought. As Izzie got older, she started becoming sensitive to washing powders and some bath products. They didn’t bring her out in a rash, but I noticed if I used particular products she would complain of being ‘itchy’. Also I started looking into what ingredients were in the products and was shocked, and totally lost faith in them – because of this I researched my options and started using an Organic brand which cost the earth, but it didn’t cause the ‘itchys’ and I knew what I was using on the kids was safe.

When Mason was a tiny baby I was wandering around Waitrose- trying to get him to nod off, nosing in the baby section and came across Child’s Farm. I initially bought some of the 3 in 1 Swim Wash for after Izzie’s swimming lessons – I loved that it had a built in conditioner – knots are a nightmare for mums with children with thick hair at the best of times, but especially after a swimming lesson. I loved the fragrance too – the organic product we had been using didn’t have a scent as such, and I’m all about the smell – its the first thing I will check out when using a new product.
I looked into the brand online and discovered they made a separate conditioner. I was sold. From then on we only used Child’s farm products. I was even more excited to discover a few months ago that they were making larger 500ml size pump bottles – and purchased bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner from Boots.

When I started really getting into blogging and wanted to review products, I decided to approach companies that I loved first of all – with little hope that they may say yes. The lovely people at Child’s Farm came back to me straight away with an invitation to join their ambassador program – just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore!
Childs Farm is a British brand whose products are suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, paediatrician and dermatologist approved, and are suitable for newborns and upwards. The kids love the bright illustrations on the packaging – they all have different images and are very child and imagination friendly.

A few weeks ago the kids were very excited to open a huge box that the postman brought – we had been sent several products to review, plus samples to hand out to friends, and an exclusive discount code for their site, plus some colouring books for the kids, and a canvas bag with the childs farm print on it.

I thought we would review the two body washes first. We have used the award winning red top Hair and Body wash for a while anyway and our bottle was getting low so this came along at just the right time. It smells of Orangic Sweet Orange, and makes the kids smell amazing.  It also contains Argan Oil, so it is super moisturising. It contains 98% naturally derived ingredients and is free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours. The bottle we were sent was a 250ml bottle, but you can also but this smell in a 500ml pump bottle (which we have in the past).

A ‘Curly Sue’ Moment

This is a two in one product as the name suggests – it can be used for hair and as a body wash. We tend to use these more for Izzie who at 6 is the eldest, and likes to have a shower in ‘mummy and daddy’s shower’, rather than sharing the bathroom with her brothers. You only need a small amount to get up a good lather in the hair, and again a small amount to wash with. Izzie loves it it as it is super quick (when you are six there is way more exciting things to do than shower), it smells good, and it doesn’t sting her eyes. It also makes her hair easy to manage even without using additional conditioner.

As we had used Organic Sweet Orange wash before, Izzie was excited to try out the ‘new smell’ one – we also received the New Blackberry and Organic Apple Hair and Body Wash. I think Izzie (and mummy) preferred this smell even more – it is very sweet, and you can small both the blackberry and the apple. It does exactly the same job as the organic sweet orange version, so we were happy (and clean) all round. Izzie also stated she like it because this one had a ‘purple top’ – very easily pleased in this house!

We loved both products and will definitely purchase them again when they run out – after all anything that makes bath time easier (especially during the witching hour when the kids are exhausted and so are we) is a winner in my book.

If you would like to receive 30% off your order in the Child’s Farm shop, please use the discount code below – you really should – the products are amazing.

In a few weeks we will be reviewing Child’s Farm Handwash and Moisturiser, so keep an eye out for that –

Disclaimer: Child’s Farm kindly sent these products for us to review, but all opinions and photos are my own 🙂


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