Father’s Day 2017 | with Waterwipes

Father’s Day 2017 | with Waterwipes

As a child I was lucky to have a very hands on Dad – he worked hard to give us everything but he was always there for weekends and every spare second he had – he still is, although these days it is more for leaking taps and car brake emergencies (true story).

I am so lucky that Ell is also a very hands on dad to our children – like my dad he works so hard to provide for our family and yet is always there for every parents evening, sports day and everytiume a little person cries out in the night.

I’m sure he knows how much we love and appreciate him, but Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to make sure he knows.

This year we were really lucky to be sent a wonderful hamper from the lovely people at Waterwipes, full of crafty bits for the kids to make things for their daddy, and obviously some water wipes to help clean them up afterwards.fatherday17ww

I discovered Waterwipes when I was pregnant with Mason and they are still my wipe of choice – they contain 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract – and I love that they are gentle on the kids skin and super wet – nothing drives me mad more than dry ‘wet’ wipes. Perfect to clean everything from a poonami to dirty little hands and faces.

This year Father’s Day was a hot one – we were in the middle of a mini heat wave, and decided to get up early and take the dog for a walk by the river. As always with Harley there is no proof that he came on the walk with us, bar the blur of his tail in one photo – the delights of having a mad springer spaniel.

fatherday17ww fatherday17ww

Daddy was on hand to ensure the kids could walk across the horse jumps and to carry them through the bits where the stinging nettles had grown too high.

When we got home, there was some time spent in the paddling pool (before they popped it!!) then Mason went down for a sleep and Izzie and Ollie set about making various bits and bobs, including a very fluffy card for Daddy, Superhero masks and making prints of their hands.

fatherday17ww fatherday17ww

We were very grateful for the Waterwipes to clean their very messy hands.

We had a lovely chilled family Father’s day – thank you to Waterwipes for providing the tools to keep the kids quiet and give Daddy a little quiet rest on a hot day too!

Disclaimer: Waterwipes kindly sent us the hampers and some of their wipes to feature on my blog and social media – all photographs and opinions are my own.



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