Fun on the Beach with The Happy Nappy from Splash About | Review

Fun on the Beach with The Happy Nappy from Splash About | Review

Mason, like his big sister is a total water baby – Ollie not so much, he doesn’t like getting his hair wet. Izzie and Mason cannot be kept away from water, they love baths and swimming, and anywhere where they can paddle.

I was really excited when we were sent the Happy Nappy by Splash About to try. Over 7 and a half years of having little ones, I must spent a fortune on both disposable nappies and swim nappies. I wish I had been brave enough as a first time mum to try cloth nappies, but by the time I got to Mason my washing pile was so huge anyway all thoughts of cloth nappying were pushed aside.

I love the idea of a reusable swim nappy, and Mason certainly put it to the test on our recent holiday, both on the beach and in the pool.


We were sent the Shark print (RRP £10.99) – there is a great range of colours and designs to choose from on their website. This range is their new and improved version their original Happy Nappy. I also received the Nappy Wrap (RRP £4.99) and pack of 25 Nappy Liners (RRP £2.50).


For those who haven’t heard of the Happy Nappy before here is some information:

  • It is made from soft neoprene
  • It offers maximum protection against unwelcome leaks in the pool due to its ergonomic design
  • It’s design means it fits securely and makes a comfortable seal again the legs and waist and it’s shape allows babies to move freely but prevents against any gaping.
  • It has UPF50+  sunportection so it is perfect for holidays – because it can be used alone it is perfect for fitting in your suitcase.
  • It is super quick drying and can be washed out, rolled in a towel and reused straight away.
  • It is fully approved by UK Swim Schools and recommended by the British Standards Guideline for baby swimming.

So what did we think? Firstly because we were staying in accommodation with no washing facilities, it was perfect, because it dries so quickly. Secondly, Mason loved the print and so he was more than happy to wear it with no fuss. Thirdly and most importantly it DOESN’T leak.

During our beach trip, we knew a poo was imminent and so we used the nappy with the wrap and liners. The wrap and liners provide a double layer of protection, which can be insisted on by some  UK swim schools. The wrap is made from super soft cotton, and like the nappy is easily washable. It has fastenings in the style of a conventional nappy and it is easy to place a liner inside. The wrap comes in three sizes, and the pack of nappy liners contains 25. They are biodegradable and flushable – perfect for if you do have a poo incident . The Happy Nappy comes in various sizes from 0-3 months to 2-3 years (which Mason is modelling – do you like his cheese face?!)

As you can see from the photos, Mason loved wearing the Happy Nappy, and it will definitely be packed in our case for our next holiday in October. They also have a wide range of products on their website so definitely go and check them out.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent a selection of the Happy Nappy products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photographs are as always my own.


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