Feeding On The Go | Oxo Tot Review

Feeding On The Go | Oxo Tot Review

Weaning kids is not always easy. Between Izzie, Ollie and Mason I’ve had a few years of experience, and as with walking, talking and general development, every child is different.

Izzie refused to eat any home made food at all, and survived on organic pouches – and she would only eat puree. She also struggled to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup. We must’ve tried over 20 different types – we came across them all one day when clearing out the loft – we probably spent a small fortune!

Ollie and Mason were a little easier to wean – both were weaned on a combo of puree and baby led weaning and it totally worked for us. Over time you also come to realise the products that you love – and also the ones that were not great.

A little while a go we were lucky to be able to review some of the Oxo Tot weaning products. You can read that review here. Mason absolutely loved them, and when we found out they had some more products for us to try out, we jumped at the chance – we are still loving using the original products, particularly because they are so good for when you are out of the house – as you can imagine, being stuck inside during the summer holidays with three little terrors can be rather rowdy, so we try to get out as much as possible.

We were thrilled to be sent four Oxo Tot products – The Flip Top Snack Cup, The Roll Up Bib,The Fork and Spoon Set, and the Transitions™ Open Cup Trainer.

We had been sent the fork and spoon set previously – and were so happy to receive another one, as our springer spaniel had taken rather a liking to the fork and had chewed the handle slightly – it is still usable but not very pretty to take out of the house. They are perfect for chubby little hands and fingers due to the curve of the handle, which makes it easy for them to hold. I know also as Mason is getting bigger he feels like he is having ‘big cutlery’ like everyone else. They also stay put on the table due to the recess in the handle and soft grips on the handles. (A quick note to explain why the spoon isn’t in the above photo – apparently when you are on the beach they are great for digging too!).

I also found that when going out for the day, they roll up perfectly inside the bib. I’m not sure if this is intentional but it keeps everything neat inside my bag. The bib is great – it has a little closure so it stays rolled up in the bag and a deep pocket which is great for catching food from messy little easters. What I really love about it, compared to similar bibs we have tried in the past, is that the pocket is wipeable silicone, but the rest of the bib is soft with a velcro fastening. I remember, especially with Izzie who had longer hair that the bibs made entirely of silicone used to pull her hair. The fastening on this bib is really secure too.

The Flip Top snack cup is great for taking out for the day – whether for using as part of a lunch box for the older kids, or storing a snack for Mason on the go. It fits in the cup holder on our Bugaboo Cameleon, its the perfect size for little hands to grip, and my favourite feature is that the lid stays attached – there is nothing worse than losing a lid when you are out. It is compact but fits a good amount of food in.

Finally, we loved the Transitions™ Open Cup. As Mason is older, we tried it out as a trainer cup, which has an disk type valve, which is fully removable for cleaning. You can also get different spouts for it to use with a younger child. The valve has lots of holes around the edge, allowing the child to use the cup as they would a normal cup – but limiting the flow of water. When the child gets older, the valve can be removed completely to use it as an open cup. Mason found the flow quite fast the first time he used it, but he soon got used to it. Again, he loves it as he feels like he is using a cup like his older siblings. The only slight downside is there is no lid or anything to stop it leaking – this isn’t a problem though as we just fill the cup from a bottle of water or a tap as required when we are out.

The Oxo Tot products are really well made, excellent value for money, and last brilliantly. I always highly recommend them to new mum friends. They handle being used by my boisterous children – Mason is going through a throwing stage at the moment – and they don’t discolour.

Oxo Tot make a huge range of products for weaning. I’ve included this infographic below about their cups as I maintain that their cups are the best we have ever used. I love that they have no fiddly valves that get nasty too – and for the record, I love the aqua colour the best too! They are also dishwasher safe, and I love that you have the option to buy a set so you don’t have to buy lots of different cups as your child develops.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent the Oxo Tot products in exchange for an honest review, but I would never recommend a product I didn’t love. All photographs and opinions are as always my own.


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