Surviving The Last Week Of Term with

Surviving The Last Week Of Term with

Today is Friday. The last day of the week, and the last day of the Summer term.

I’m sure the summer term gets longer and busier every year. There are sports days, trips, fundraisers and a million and one other things to fit in, and quite honestly both me and the kids are DONE!

This last week has been a struggle – getting up in the morning and getting out the house. There has been more shouting and cursing under my breath this week than the whole school year put together. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the school holidays will be a piece of cake with all three at home and trying to fit work in alongside, but the pressure will be off to not be late each morning and I for one will be embracing that.

To be honest the only thing (aside from my Virgo personalities obsessive need to not be late) that has kept me going this week is coffee and lot and lots of it., a luxury homeware company got in touch a few weeks back and asked me to pick a few items from their huge range of beautiful homewares and other bits and pieces. They sell a huge range of bedding, candles and stationary, from various designer brands. To be honest I was totally in my element browsing – I could’ve been on there all day.

I ended up picking a beautiful Kate Spade Travel Mug that I had had my eye on for ages, and two mugs from the Keith Brymer Jones range. Both have a stylish simplicity and have payed a huge part in keeping me going these last few weeks.

The Kate Spade Mug has been perfect for the school run and will be dusted off again in September – it has kept my coffee warm (lets face it, no one likes cold coffee unless it over ice) and has kept my car spillage free. Now if only I could get a matching Kate Spade handbag – a girl can dream.

The Keith Brymer Jones mugs were also something I had been coveting for a while – since finishing our kitchen  I am all about a pretty mug – and when I saw these ones with #selfie and ‘drama queen’ on them, I knew they were made for me.

They are the perfect size and fit happily under my coffee machine too. They feel lovely and sturdy and fantastic quality too. This week I’ve been feeling a bit run down and so have been making myself honey and lemon in the mornings in my mug to help my throat too.

I still can’t believe at 3.10pm today there will be no school run for 6 weeks. As much as I’ve enjoyed my travel mug, I will be looking forward to sitting on the sofa and having a leisurely hot cup of coffee next week whilst the kids play nicely together  wreck my house around me.

During all that copious free time I’ll have not having to do school runs I’m sure I will browsing some more – there is a gorgeous Kate Spade Water Bottle on there that is next on my list to purchase. Definitely check them out – online window shopping is good for the soul.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the products by  but all photographs and opinions are my own.


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