#TearsintoSmiles with Elastoplast & Britmums | A Clumsy Family

#TearsintoSmiles with Elastoplast & Britmums | A Clumsy Family

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

It’s a standard joke in our house and amongst our family and friends that we are a clumsy family.
If there is something to trip over or fall in, one of us Brushneen’s will find it.
I have never known anyone other than Ell who has been able to shut their own head in a door – I’m still not sure how he managed that.
I fall up the stairs on a daily basis and unfortunately it looks like all three kids are following suit.

I was so excited to receive the Elastoplast package, as part of the tears into smiles challenge as honestly, we were getting low on plasters.

Having a small house and a small garden means the kids are playing on top of each other a lot of the time and this means there are  a lot of bumps.

Izzie, 7 is always bumping, falling over and skinning her knees and elbows my home and at school.

Ollie is a typical 4 year old who tears everywhere at 100mph and as a result has a new graze or cut or bruise at least once a day.

Mason is a typical toddler – and one who likes to climb things at that – you can imagine how that ends up

I wouldn’t even like to guess at the amount of plasters we go through in a year!

Luckily in 7 years we (touch wood) have had no injuries more serious than a minor concussion and some cuts and scrapes.

I think, because the kids bump so often, they have become quite hard and very rarely cry if they hurt themselves – in fact I know to worry now if they do cry.

When we do have a minor bump or scrape I always follow the same steps which turn tears in smiles super quickly.

1. Dust them off and tell them they are fine – even if there is blood, you don’t want them to freak out.
2. Give lots of cuddles and ALWAYS kiss it better.
3. Distraction – usually a treat, a sticker or getting out a different toy for them to play with. Letting them look at the characters in the pack of plasters also works wonders.
4. If there is blood or a graze, always offer a plaster – firstly because a brightly coloured plaster works wonders on cheering up a small child after a ‘boo-boo’, and secondly because my kids are always outside and it stops anything nasty getting in the injury.

My kids are huge fans of character plasters and loved the ones sent to us – I possibly have the worlds biggest Frozen and Star Wars fans, and true to form a couple of days later, Ollie fell over on the school run and grazed his leg.
I was able to clean it up and distract him by letting him choose a Star Wars plaster (Yoda obviously) and he soon forgot about the graze.

Izzie also managed to get a friction burn on the slide a few minutes later. With three kids I always find it all happens at once in this house – and once I was sure everyone was all ok, I got the camera out and managed to snap some photos. The kids also loved playing with the ring toss game that we were kindly sent – and for once there were no injuries.

Elastoplast has been our go to plaster brand ever since Izzie started moving around – over the years we’ve had Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse but I have to say the Star Wars one are a clear favourite.

Since 1924, Elastoplast have been renowned for their quality and have been sold in six countries, Austrialia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, and over 200 tried and tested products are sold in other countries from Germany to Chile, under the brand names Elastoplast, Hansaplast and Curitas.

The Elastoplast range has more than just plasters and wound dressings – they also produce products that offer relief from foot problems, sports injuries, pains and strains.

Elastoplast is a worldwide brand that the whole family can rely on, offering modern and high quality solutions to the demands and small inconveniences of everyday life

We are huge fans of Elastoplast products – in fact Ollie made a special box to keep his Star Wars plasters in!

At the end of the day as long as you have a bright character plaster, and someone to kiss it better, you can’t fail to turn #TearsintoSmiles

You can get more information on the challenge here:

Thankyou to Britmums and Elastoplast for letting us take part in the #TearstoSmiles Challenge – the goodies were kindly sent to us, but all photographs and opinions are my own.


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