Toddlebike2 Review

Toddlebike2 Review

When you have three kids of varying ages, it can be frustrating because the little one always wants to do the things the older ones are, and that isn’t always possible.

Take Bike Riding for example.
Izzie has just managed to let go of her stabilisers, and Ollie is riding confidently on just one. Mason who has just turned 2 is too small for a regular bike, and struggled with more traditional balance types bikes as he couldn’t keep them upright.

Therefore I was so excited when I heard that we were being sent a Toddlebike2 to review. I’d not heard of them before, but once I had a look at their website, I was sold. It is a ‘pre’ balance bike – and aimed at children that can walk confidently but who are not quite ready for a bigger bike. I was excited that it meant Mason could join in with his brother and sister, and I’m all for anything that helps keep the peace.

The second it arrived, Mason was in love. We had chosen him the Racing Red bike (it is also available in Pinky Pink and Midnight Blue) and he immediately knew that it was his, and got straight on and started pushing his feet to get himself around the garden.

For something so lightweight, it is very sturdy, and he sits very happily and comfortably on it. Toddlebike2 is most suited to children aged between 18-36 months, but it is tested for weights upto 100kg – which is quite lucky really as Izzie (7) and Ollie (4) both gave it a rigorous trial – to much protesting from Mason. They like to ride around, pretending it is a ‘moker bike’ (thats motorbike to anyone who isn’t 4 and 2).

What I love about the Toddlebike2 is that is so portable – it is easy to throw in the back of the car. We have a tiny garden, with no shed, and because it is made from tough plastic I don’t have to worry about storing it, or it going rusty, and it can be wiped dry if it gets wet. This also means it is an all weather – and all terrain toy. Mason is looking forward to trying it out on the beach on our summer holiday this year – and I suspect it will end up in the paddling pool a few times too.

The Toddlebike2 is priced at £23.95 – which is total bargain – and they are available from the Toddlebike website (with free delivery).

We also saw one in John Lewis the other day – Mason got it off the display and started riding around the shop on it. It did cause a slight tantrum when he didn’t understand that it was his and had to be left in the shop – he really does love it.

I would highly recommend the Toddlebike2, and I’m 100% sure Mason would too!

Disclosure: We were very kindly sent the Toddlebike in exchange for an honest review – all photographs and opinions are my own.


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