Updating Your Bathroom | with Harrogate Bathrooms

Updating Your Bathroom | with Harrogate Bathrooms

This July will mark 10 years since we bought this house. In those ten years, its seen some changes, a wedding,  3 babies being brought home, a dog and cat. Over time we have changed bits of the house – like retiling the downstairs bathroom, and replacing our kitchen (still my favourite room in the house).

When we bought his house it was a new build, and as such everything that was in it in came as standard – the bathrooms were all the same style, with the same generic white square tiles. Over the 10 years we have been here we have added new taps, and new shower doors to our ensuite and upstairs main bathroom, and added in chrome towel rails to all the bathrooms.

Updating Your Bathroom Suite

In the long term I would love a new bathroom suite in our small main bathroom – a small roll top perhaps and a sink unit with some storage underneath. The best place to look for design ideas is online – I can waste hours on Pinterest looking at house related things. You can also get trending bathroom design ideas from experts, like Harrogate Bathrooms.


At the moment, it is honestly a toss up between a new baby and a new bathroom – and if we do have another baby we will have to move at some point in the future as we will have outgrown this little house. For the time being, one of my favourite things to do is to accessorise a room – just those small touches can instantly lift a room. You can look at changing the paint colour, towels, or adding accessories such as this Bamboo bath rack, or some candles. We also added a huge mirror to make our bathroom feel bigger than it is.

New Tiles

If you are looking too change things on a larger scale, perhaps replacing the tiles, or the flooring too. Tiles are a way to bring in different colour combinations – and really show your style and personality in your bathroom. I would also love to replace the white tiles in our bathrooms with something more to my taste – maybe grey tones or subway style tiles.

A Total Change

If we had the room, I would go for a wet room. Anyone who has bathed three young children will know that its like trying to avoid a flood everytime you do bath time. A wet room would be the perfect solution for this – possibly something to think about for when we move house.

I love adding to our home and making it a place we can be proud of. The question is what’s next?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Harrogate Bathrooms. All photographs and opinions are as always, my own.


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