2017 Blog Goals – How Did I Do? {& Goals for 2018}

2017 Blog Goals – How Did I Do?  {& Goals for 2018}

2017 Goals and How I got on

Last January I set myself some goals for my blog and youtube. The plan was to complete them by the end of 2017. Lets see how I got on…

•To vlog more and grow my YouTube channel – and to learn to edit faster, with the aim of uploading twice a week – I also really want a Canon G7X to help with that! Also I want to be able to add my channel to the Channel Mum list of Vloggers – I need to upload at least three times a month for this.

Well this definitely happened. I’ve definitely grown my channel, and started uploading twice a week on set days mid year. I got my beloved G7X which totally changed my game and its been such a sound investment. My channel is also plugged into Channel Mum, and I’ve joined in regularly with their monthly topics.

•To learn more about Twitter and how to schedule posts.

I wouldn’t say i know more about Twitter, but I’ve worked out scheduling posts and made it work for me and my blog this year.

•To attend a blogging conference.

Another goal that I smashed, attending Blog On Xmas in September. I totally pushed myself out of my comfort zone but it was amazing and I’m all booked up for the next one in May!

•To learn more about my DSLR camera and to get a 22mm lens for it.

I got the 22mm lens but i haven’t worked out the setting on my camera yet and am still in auto mode. I’m still determined though.

•To continue to record our memories but start writing more ‘from the heart’ posts.

I’ve done this, and I’m so proud of some of my posts, covering baby loss, working with Kicks Count, and even being on the radio talking about the loss of Sophie.

•To create a media pack.

Done and I’m so proud of it!

•At the moment this seems crazy out of reach, but going self hosted is a major aim for 2017 – I would also like to buy my .com domain name too.

I didn’t bother with the .com domain, but I have been self hosted since around April 2017. I’ve also felt taught to use wordpress and all its features and plugins. 

• To have my own workspace in the living room – our house is a squash and a squeeze but this is my top priority.

This is a funny one, because it happened, but I wasn’t utisling the space and so it went again. I think I’m actually happier working from the breakfast bar or the sofa.

•To get a better balance between blogging and life – I think my own workspace will help with that, but I need to be more organised too – Rome wasn’t built in a day though!

Organisation is something I’m still getting to grips with and is in my plan again for this year.

•To get to grips with Google Analytics


2017 Stat Targets and Did I reach them?

DA: 20+ (Dec 16 –  11)          Dec 2017 – DA 27
Klout score: 60                     Dec 2017 – 61
Tots 100: to be in the top 750 (Dec 16  #1421)        Dec 2017 – #664
Instagram: 2200 Followers (Dec 16 –  1060)              Dec 2017 – 2776
Twitter: 2000 Followers (Dec 16 –  590)                     Dec 2917 – 2001 (just!)
Facebook: 500 likes (Dec 16 –  173)                            Dec 2017 – 524
Youtube: 500 subscribers (Dec 16 – 143)                      Dec 2017 – 815
Monthly blog views: 2k                                                 Dec 2017 – 3k (but have been everywhere from 1.5k-10k this year)

In conclusion, I’m so proud of hitting most of the goals I set my self for 2017. I’ve worked incredibly hard, and but it has been so worth it.

So what are my goals for 2018?

  • To focus more on my youtube channel – as much as I love my blog, Youtube and making videos is where my passion lies. I want to aim for uploading three times a week by the end of 2018.
  • Hand in hand with this, I want to start making money from the work I get through my channel, as well as my blog.
  • To learn how to use my camera in manual mode. Canon have a fab app that show you tutorials for your camera so I’m going to start with that.
  • Having set working days – its all about that work/life balance. I’m aiming too start the year by taking ‘off’ two days in the week, but when Mason starts preschool in April this will change, and I will work around his preschool hours.
  • To keep on top of my business accounts each month
  • To update my media pack regularly.
  • To continue to record our family memories by linking with Me & Mine, Siblings, Living Arrows and Ordinary Moments when I can.
  • To continue to work with brands and form solid working relationships with them and PRs – I’ve been so lucky to work with some lovely PRs and brands this year – long may it continue.

Stat Targets for 2018

DA: 30+ (currently 27)
Klout score: 60 or above – currently 61
Tots 100: to be in the top 500 (currently #664)
Instagram: 3500 Followers (Currently 2776)
Twitter: 3000 Followers (Currently 2001)
Facebook: 700 likes (Currently 524)
Youtube: 2000 subscribers (Currently 815)
Monthly blog views: 5k per month – currently anywhere between  2-10k  


I love writing these posts down as its so good to look back on, and see how far I’ve come. Thankyou to everyone who has supported me this year, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!


I’ve also done a video on my personal goals and some of my youtube created goals for this year, which you can watch here…



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  1. January 10, 2018 / 11:27 am

    This is such an interesting post to read. Especially your figures as a blogger who wants to improve. I think I am going to start recording some of my own stats.

    Well done on everything you have achieved this year. Good luck for 2018 and I look forward to watching and supporting you.

    Cherie || My Mama Musings

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