Blog Goals 2017

Blog Goals 2017

These are my goals for 2017. I’m not a rensolution maker, but I think the term ‘goals’ is more attainable…so by the end of 2017 I would like:

•To vlog more and grow my YouTube channel – and to learn to edit faster, with the aim of uploading twice a week – I also really want a Canon G7X to help with that! Also I want to be able to add my channel to the Channel Mum list of Vloggers – I need to upload at least three times a month for this.

•To learn more about Twitter and how to schedule posts.

•To attend a blogging conference.

•To learn more about my DSLR camera and to get a 22mm lens for it.

•To continue to record our memories but start writing more ‘from the heart’ posts.

•To create a media pack.

•At the moment this seems crazy out of reach, but going self hosted is a major aim for 2017 – I would also like to buy my .com domain name too.

• To have my own workspace in the living room – our house is a squash and a squeeze but this is my top priority.

•To get a better balance between blogging and life – I think my own workspace will help with that, but I need to be more organised too – Rome wasn’t built in a day though!

•To get to grips with Google Analytics

• and finally, I know it’s not all about the stats but by the end of 2017 these would be my stat aims…
DA: 20+ (currently 11)
Klout score: 60
Tots 100: to be in the top 750 (currently 1421)
Instagram: 2200 Followers (Currently 1060)
Twitter: 2000 Followers (Currently 590)
Facebook: 500 likes (Currently 173)
Youtube: 500 followers (Currently 143)
Monthly blog views: 2k

I’m so excited to see what 2017 is going to bring for us – since starting ‘seriously’ blogging in October I’ve had the most amazing support and already gained so many lovely followers, and I can’t wait to build on it this upcoming year. Blogging has been great for me personally – it keeps me busy and is a great outlet for me – also recording our memories is priceless. The blogging world has such a lovely community too – I really can’t wait to be more involved in it!
To 2017…..



  1. January 2, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    I think all of your goals are really achievable! I look forward to seeing how you get on. Happy New Year lovely x

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