Things to do in Autumn 2016

Things to do in Autumn 2016

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons – I’m definitely a colder weather girl – I love being able to warm up and hate feeling hot and bothered. I’m also a great lover of Autumn/Winter fashion and I’m excited to get back into my boots and hats and scarves. This is a list of some of the things we want to do this Autumn….

Go to a Bonfire and Firework display
Go on Welly walks with Harley
Look for conkers
Carve a pumpkin (Daddy’s specialty)
Dress up for Halloween
Pumpkin display on the fireplace
Puddle jumping
Make leaf bunting
Take some photos of the kids in the leaves
Christmas planning
Collect leaves and do leaf prints
Movie afternoons snuggled up under a blanket
Lots of trips to Westonbirt Arboretum
Embrace Autumn Fashion – lots of hats boots and scarves
Go shopping for new autumn/winter clothes for Mason 🙂
Light candles in the evening and curl up under the blanket with the fairy lights on
Enjoy the darker nights (and not fighting with the kids about bedtime because it’s ‘still light outside’)
Put the Autumn Covers on my pram (they are orange and look amazing in the autumn)
These are some photos from autumns gone by – if I do nothing else I want to take loads of photos this Autumn as the colours and lighting are so pretty 🙂

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