What we did Summer 2016 – Week 4 & going to London to see the Queen (or not!)

What we did Summer 2016 – Week 4 & going to London to see the Queen (or not!)
Week 4 – 14th – 21st August 2016
We started off our first day back from holiday, and our first day reunited with Harley with a lovely river walk. Harley had a whale of a time swimming in the river and Daddy and the kids had fun hunting for Pokemon!

Little did Harley, or we know, this would be his last walk for a while. Poor Harley managed to catch Kennel Cough whilst he was boarding, and the symptoms started to show on Monday. He had the most awful cough and would gag every time. He also started sneezing out nasty stuff. He wasn’t allowed walks for two weeks until all his symptoms had passed. The in-laws two dogs were board ing at the same place, but only one of theirs caught it. Apparently quite a few dogs who had boarded there that week caught it too. Luckily Harley is a young, healthy dog and he managed to fight it himself with no need for any medicine.
Tuesday brought the day Izzie had been waiting for all summer. The big afternoon trip to London to see Wicked – the musical. Unfortunately Daddy was really busy with work, so he was only able to take the afternoon off. My mum picked up the boys (she had them for the afternoon, and then my mother in law had them in the evening – huge thanks to them both as it meant we could spend some time with our big girl solo) and we headed off just before 2pm.
We drove up and made quite good time. We found the pre booked car park really easy, despite some of the questionable highway code usage by some drivers – city people drive very different to us country folk!
After a wander towards Victoria where the theatre is, Izzie chose her favourite, Frankie & Bennys for dinner.
After we had eaten, we had a bit of time to kill, so walked (or should I say ran, as London people walk really fast!!) to see Buckingham Palace. Izzie was a bit disappointed to not see the queen (kids ha!) but we managed to get a few photos. I really want to take all the kids for a few days and do all the touristy things as I’ve never done it, and Ell is quite good at navigating round London, having worked there a few times. Maybe a plan for next summer?
We got back to Victoria just as the theatre was opening.
Izzie was excited to pick some souvenirs (the worlds most expensive cuddly toy and a programme) and we got ready to watch the show  – whilst sneaking in some selfies!



The show was amazing – just as amazing as the last time we saw it when Izzie was a baby. If you have the chance to watch it, do! We were so lucky to get Izzie’s ticket free as part of Kids Week in the West End. Next year, we want to take Ollie and Izzie to see Matilda.We got back at around 1am, after a few roadworks on the motorway, Izzie was asleep before we had barely pulled out of the car park.


A photo from Grampy of Mason playing in the garden whilst we were in London.
Wednesday was much quieter, with a walk at the Arboretum with a lovely friend and her baby. The kids took forever to wander around, and we didn’t do much of a walk, but it was lovely weather, and fab to have a catch up with Jess and baby Mia.
Why do they all need to be in the smallest room of the house in one go!?? I’m not sure how much Ollie appreciated the audience whilst he was on the loo!


Thursday brought a trip to the dentist for the kids 6 monthly check up, and a visit to see Nanny at work. All teeth were perfect luckily. Mason had his first check up sat on my lap!
Friday was a day of cleaning and tidying – Ollie using the dy
Dyson wearing only his pants – standard!
Exhausted kids! Love them!

The weekend brought Daddy finally decorating our bedroom. Mason loved the dust sheets! I always feel awful making Ell decorate at home as its his job and wheat he does all week. He did an amazing job though (styling by moi!). I’m so pleased with our grown up room  – future post to come on our bedroom makeover.


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