Left Over (Christmas) Pie….

Left Over (Christmas) Pie….
This is my go to recipe over Christmas for left overs – usually left over turkey and ham. I always buy a very big turkey with the intention of getting a few meals and sandwiches out of it. The photos below feature chicken breast as I didn’t have any left overs, but it tastes amazing with left over Christmas Ham and Turkey chucked in instead. This feeds five of us (2 adults and three kids under 6) and I serve it with mashed potato (cheesy if the kids are lucky) and peas/any other veg.
You will need:
*leftover Turkey Ham, or three chicken breasts, chopped into inch pieces
*3 leeks, chopped
*a punnet of mushrooms, diced
*250ml stock – I use Kallo Chicken but any will do
* Dried herbs – I chuck in whatever I have handy
*A sheet of puff pastry
*150ml Double cream
*One egg, beaten
*Coconut oil or any other oil for cooking chicken in if not using leftovers
1. Boil your kettle and make up your stock according to the packet instructions, and pre heat your oven to 180ºc (fan oven)
2. Dice your chicken, leeks and mushrooms – or cut your leftovers into decent sized chunks



3. Cook your chicken in the coconut oil until it is browned off – if I’m using left overs I skip this step and chuck it in with the veg at the next step.

4. Throw in your mushrooms and leeks, and let them cook slightly


5. After a couple of minutes add the chicken stock and herbs.


6. Tip in the double cream and give it a stir. Let it bubble away for a few minutes and then pop into a pie dish (I know mine is for quiche but it cooks nicely in it)


I add my pie bird at this point as it stops the pastry going soggy…


7. Cut a cross in the middle of the sheet of pastry for the pie bird if you are using one, and lay the party on top of the filling.


8. Glaze your pie with the beaten egg
9. Pop it in the oven for 25 minutes or so or until the pastry is golden brown.
10. Serve and enjoy with mash and veg. At Christmas a bit of gravy doesn’t go a miss either.





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