Disneyland Paris March 2016 Day 2

Disneyland Paris March 2016 Day 2
We woke up early every morning of our Disneyland Holiday (6.30am) – we had two reasons for this – 1. If you get to breakfast any later than 7.15am the queues are stupidly long, and it turns into a bunfight, and 2. EXTRA MAGIC HOURS.
If you are after a relaxing holiday, Disneyland is not the place for you.
For anyone who hasn’t been to Disneyland Paris before, EMH is a huge perk of staying in a Disneyland hotel – you are allowed into the Disneyland park from 8am-10am before guests that aren’t staying in a Disney hotel. However , it is worth noting, isn’t all areas of the park and it isn’t all rides. Generally the parks are quieter at this time and the queues aren’t as long. We did find the park busier this time – i’m not sure whether it was because there were more meet and greets, or because although most of the UK, Spanish, French and German schools hadn’t yet broken up for Easter, the Irish schools had. By the time we had loaded up on croissants and coffee at Breakfast and walked the 15 minutes to the park, it was time to explore…
EMH is great for taking photos as you won’t get many people in the background…


The Spring displays made out of flowers were stunning….



Marie was possibly one of my favourite meet and greets – she was so lovely, and danced when Ollie sang ‘Ev’ry body wants to be a cat’ to her. Mason loved her too.





These are the Official Photo Pass photos. A photo pass costs 49.99(euros) This means that at some of the character meets, and rides, you can get photos taken by an official photographer. We thought we would try it, but wouldn’t bother again – the photographers are happy to take photos with your camera so you can all get in the photo, and we didn’t find they were at many meets, so were a bit disappointed.






The kids were really good at queuing, and we didn’t have much fighting or moaning!


Meeting Winnie the Pooh…






More of the Spring Floral Displays….






Sometimes random characters will pop up – we were walking to the teacups and saw Tiger and Eyeore, so jumped in the queue.






Its A Small World After All… (sorry if thats now stuck in your head!)









Meeting the Genie….





Easter Eggs, Disneyland Style…


Last time we visited, we did the ‘Princess lunch’ at Auberge de Cendrillion. The princesses were amazing with the kids, and so it was on our to do list this time. We made sure we made a reservation 30 days in advance and were so glad we did, as it was full. We ‘topped up’ our half board plus vouchers to pay for this meal – you can pay the difference if the restaurant is in a higher price tier.
We met Ariel, Cinderella and Prince Charming and Belle. I would highly recommend doing this if you don’t like queuing – we refused to queue for the Princess Pavillion (an hour to get a timeslot, and then another hour to meet a princess wasn’t appealing to us). At Auberge, you are guaranteed to meet 3 princesses and a prince and two of Cinderella’s mice. They were all so fanatic with the kids, especially Mason who loved it. The decor, and the dance routine they do is fab too. We also saw someone propose with the help of Cinderella and Prince Charming! The food is also AMAZING!









Cinderella & Prince Charming….




















Some more of our photo pass photos:
Meeting Minnie






Pirates of the Caribbean – we rode this loads and the kids loved it!


The sheer concentration on Ell’s face on Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast lol



Tea Cups Selfie
Scrooge Mcduck


We spent the evening watching the parade and true fireworks – I didn’t get any photos as sometimes its nice to enjoy the moment instead of seeing it from behind the camera.
Happy Faces All Round!
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