Disneyland Paris March 2016 Day 3

Disneyland Paris March 2016 Day 3
We got up early again for extra magic hours and jumped in the characters queues straight away – it was amazing how busy it was already. I loved the Disney Easter Eggs that were dotted around the park. 





First we met Chip & Dale. They were so fun – and the wanted to take Ollie home with them haha – as Ollie kept telling us layer ‘mummy chip and dale wanted to keep me’. Bless him! The sun was at the wrong angle so Izzie had a case of watery eyes – she cannot take photos when there is sun – it’s become a standing joke now!






A ride on Alice’s teacups for all five of us. Mason loved all the rides (when he was awake!!). The minimum age is 1, but as he is a big baby (at 10 months he was easily wearing 12-18month clothes) no one questioned him going on the rides.




I love the random photo points they have dotted around the park – this was outside the Alice in Wonderland Maze. A nice man offered to take a photo of all five of us!


Izzie was desperate to meet Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. It was Tianas dress she had chosen to bring with her to Paris.

The meet and greets were stated to start at 10 and 11am. We got there for 9.45 and they had already closed the queue. We decided I would start the queue for the 11am meet and Ell took Izzie and Ollie on the Phantom Manor ride. The long wait was well worth it as we were second to meet Tiana and Prince Naveen.


We then joined a queue to meet Alice & the Queen of Hearts. The queen was particularly taken with Ollie – I think it must be his blue eyes 🙂







Mason fell asleep in the pushchair and we queued to meet Thumper and Miss Bunny. Who wouldn’t want a big squishy cuddle from two bunnies!





We nipped over to the Disney Studios park as Ollie was desperate to meet Woody and Buzz. We managed to find Woody. The delight on the kids faces is amazing ❤️


Mason really enjoyed the Tula on this trip. It was great when the older two got tired in the afternoons and we could put them both in the double pushchair and carry Mason. Daddy is rocking the Tula!


We ate dinner that evening at Cafe Mickey in the Disney Village. It is character dining and you will meet at least 4 characters. Personally we found it all a bit rushed and the food wasn’t amazing – plus it was so hot in there (hence the red faced photos) but the kids loved meeting the characters and that’s the important thing. It was included on our half board plus meal plan but I wouldn’t pay to go there if I didn’t have the vouchers.

I had a glowtini cocktail – wow it was strong!!


Meeting Minnie Mouse









These are some of our photo pass photos.

Funny story from meeting Tiana and Naveen. They were really excited to see Izzie wearing her Tiana dress, and Naveen picked up on Ollie having a alligator on his top (like the trumpet playing gator in the film) and asked Ollie if they could call him Louis. They then looked at Mason as said that would make him Ray (the firefly)! The kids thought this was hilarious.






Izzie playing Buzz light year laser blast – I think they did this ride everyday.

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