What we did Summer 2016 – Week 3 aka The Brushneens go to Cornwall

What we did Summer 2016 – Week 3 aka The Brushneens go to Cornwall
I’m so totally behind with all my summer posts at the moment, but it is lovely as I’m having fun going back through the photos more than a month on. All of my ‘big camera’ photos are in a separate photo heavy posts which you can find here, but these are my iPhone memories, with a few big camera photos thrown in for good measure.

Every year we try and get in a family holiday to Cornwall. We have been going nearly every year since Izzie was a tiny baby, and sometimes we go with my parents and have stayed in Tintagel and St Ives. More regularly, we head to just outside Newquay, near Indian Queens. We love this area, because it is a great base. Pretty much anywhere in Cornwall is accessible in an hour or less. Elliot has been coming to the same park (Parkdean Whiteacres) with his family since he was little, and we have made tradition with our family too. Ell learnt to swim in the pool there, and so its amazing to see our kids swimming in the same pool, and playing on the same play equipment he played on as a kid. This year it was a real family affair, with Ell’s parents and both his brothers coming along too.

I was brought up on Caravan holidays, as just as I did, our kids love them. Its perfect, as it takes just under 3 hours to drive there and we can load up the car with as much as we can squash in. We decided this year to not take Harley, as he isn’t the biggest fan of the car, and there aren’t many places to take him during high
season, as he isn’t a crowd loving dog (rolling fields and rivers all the way for this springer).


 I had to include this photo. The day before we left I asked both kids to pack their rucksacks with any toys or books they wanted to take. Ollie was hilarious. He packed Peng-Peng his penguin, a Peppa Pig my Grandad book, the Gro Clock (minus the power lead), one of Izzies Tsum Tsums, one of Masons dummies and a pull up – he had been dry for a month at this point. Bless him!
Another tradition for our holidays (as you may have seen when we went to Disneyland) is when we set off, we have to have a McDoanlds Breakfast first. This was Masons first time having McDonalds Pancakes. He loved them!
Obligatory Car Selfies….
Crazy Kids excited to go on holiday – I think Ollie’s face would match an ‘I’m with Stupid’ t-shirt pointing towards his sister!
The traffic outside Bristol was as busy as we were expecting at 10am on a Saturday morning in the Summer holidays. Mason is fine in the car as long as the car is moving  – Izzie and Ollie only had to be in the car for a few minutes and they would pass out and sleep the rest of the way. Not Mason. Because of the traffic we were stopping and starting. An hour and a half in he was still screaming murder – and he kept throwing his dummy out and into gaps we couldn’t reach. As you can see he was happy. He eventually gave in and slept after about an hour and 45 minutes of screaming!
Sunday morning, we drove into Newquay early – the car parking there is a nightmare at the best of times, but it was also Boardmasters Festival this week. Look at that blue sky!
A walk down to the beach – Ell doesn’t look impressed!
Izzie’s eyes in the sun – she cannot take a sunny day photo – so funny.
Outside our caravan was a play area – the older two loved it as they could play and we didn’t have to sit on their shoulders as we could see them from the caravan. This is Mason (the climber) watching them out of the window and wondering why he can’t play too!
These two are suckers for any cheesy holiday park things, including Sid & Lizzie and their nightly disco – mummy isn’t so impressed haha!
My beautiful big girl
These two were pretty good considering they arent used to sharing a room. Before we went away, Ollie was waking every morning  at 5am. Luckily the later nights at the disco sorted this out, and he started waking between 7-7.30am. This has continued since – happy mummy and daddy!





A spot of crabbing and beach fun in Looe.


Caravan Selfie

Another tradition is to look for the sea lions in Newquay Harbour  – we were lucky to spot them again – they like to follow the fishing boats.

Elliot’s Dad and youngest brother are keen fishermen, hence why they love Whiteacres – there are 13 fishing lakes. The kids wanted to have a go too – it was all Ollie could talk about, but when we got down there he didn’t like the fish (so funny), and was happy sit and watch with Mummy and Daddy.

Izzie however loved the fish – she was hilarious – she would hold them when Grampy caught one, so he could remove the hook, before giving them kiss and putting them back in – and then wiping the scales on Grampy’s shorts haha!


The lakes were also lovely to walk around (quietly) and to feed the ducks
We drove to St Ives for a wander – in the past we have walked up and down the HUGE hill from the carpark but decided with three kids it would be easier to take the bus and the back carrier – and the fact that it was tipping down helped that decision.


By the time we got down into the town the weather had cleared up enough for an ice-cream.
Mason was loving the back carrier, although bless him he had been suffering with the most horrendous heat rash – I called into the chemist and got some pirition to give him some relief. It also knocked him out – this is him asleep in the carrier.

We managed to see another two sea lions in St Ives too – how lucky were we!
Sitting on the dock of the bay….
The water is so clear here.
From St Ives, we took a trip to Praa Sands – it would’ve been quite direct except someone (me oops) programmed the TomTom in wrong!
It had clouded over again but we managed to take some lovely photos of the kids playing on the beach.







We had such a lovely holiday, in a lovely caravan, and we can’t wait to return next year. The kids had a brilliant time and for the most part were very well behaved. I’m always so thankful for any time we get to spend as a family as we are always so busy with school, homework, committees, football and household things – it was lovely to have a week with my favourite people.
Until next time Cornwall……

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