Autumnal Living Room Mini Makeover

Autumnal Living Room Mini Makeover

Our house is generally cosy, as it is small, and there are five of us, plus a dog and a cat living in it. To be honest though, I like it that way. It easy to keep clean, and, being a terraced new build, it is always lovely and warm. Our electric and gas bills are also very low. Win!

Our living room is mostly decorated in a pale grey/creamy colour with a mauve feature wall. Our sofa is mauve and we have a cream carpet. In in the summer I love it, as it is light and our floral curtains make it look nice and summery. Autumn and Winter roll round, and I don’t love it as much. For a start, the mauve (especially the curtains) ALWAYS clash with the christmas decorations!

When September comes around, I always have need to nest, and make everything nice and cosy. I’ve mentioned before how much I love Autumn and Winter. I wanted to change up a few things to make the house more cosy and autumn/winter ready.



This is some before pictures – taken a while ago, and one with the christmas tree to show the clashing…

So what have I changed? (anything new I have added links to the products where I can)
*DISCLAIMER: My house is never normally this tidy – it is usually scattered with bear yoyo cards, light sabres, singing things from Fisher Price, random articles of clothing and dog toys!)

I got this Lightbox from Next a few weeks ago – I’ve wanted one for so long and i’m really chuffed with it.



This Autumn candle from The White Company was a birthday present and I love the scent. The gold glass pumpkin was a spur of the moment purchase from Home Sense – a bargain for £5.99 – it is so pretty, you can’t really see in the photo, but it has flecks of green and orange in it – it reminds me of Cinderella’s pumpkin.


These mini, or ‘munchkin’ pumpkins are from Waitrose – they are so cute! We also have a big one ready for carving for Halloween. The glittery leaves are courtesy of the kids saturday crafting fun – soooo much glitter!


The fairy lights stay on all year round, but I love how my fireplace looks. It is an fake fireplace – as the house is a new build and terraced there would be no way of putting in a real one, (and we would all boil)  but this one is very realistic. The basket to the right, is an old one (part of a set with the blanket basket – similar here) and we often use it as a muddle basket for toys, and clothes that need to go back upstairs or in the wash. I think I would like to paint this feature wall a darker grey colour, to get rid of a bit of the mauve. I love grey and mauve together.


New cushions from Next.


The salted caramel candle was a gift, but came from Tesco – to is really sweet, and the smell stays for a long time! The squirrel bowl is for nuts, we use it at christmas but I think it looks cute all year round.


This B is an oldie from Next, but there is one similar here.


A close up on the artificial wood burner – I wish I could remember where we got it from, but it is a few years old now. It definitely adds to the cosy feel.


This was a christmas decoration I bought in Next – I think it was around £3.99.


This is our sofa – old but super comfy and cozy.


The is my blanket basket – the blanket is the snuggliest thing ever – it was a christmas present from Marks and Spencer last christmas – it has kept us warm, is always used when someone feels poorly, and according to the kids, is great for den building.


The final but biggest change was changing the curtains. I think they will go so much better with the christmas tree! They are from Next and are so thick and warm.
I love my new cosy living room, and I didn’t spend a fortune! Win Win. Can’t wait for Christmas now to add more fairy lights….



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