Joules Girls – Spring Style Wishlist

Joules Girls – Spring Style Wishlist

Its no secret I am a huge Joules fan – more often than not my kids (and me) will be decked out in their clothes. Ell says its because I’m a snob – far from it – their quality is second to none.

Izzie really suits their clothes, and they last her for AGES. I’m not kidding when I tell you she has a dress that has lasted her 4 years – first as a dress and now as a tunic over jeans – and it still looks like new.

With that in mind, and the fact that Joules have 25% off with the code BLEND this Thursday-Sunday, I’ve chosen a few bits for Izzie’s Spring/Summer wardrobe – and I thought I’d share them.

I actually got Izzie’s summer clothes out of storage last night and made her do a mini fashion show so I could check what she needed, and what she had outgrown. She is still comfortably in age 5-6 despite nearly being 7 – she has always been a dot.

So without further ado – my choices for this summer….

1. Bright Orange Hi Bye T Shirt – from £14.95 – I love this colour – if I see any kids clothes in this colour I try and buy them, as its just so bright and cheerful. Izzie will also love the sequins front and back.

2. Juno Midi Dress – £24.95 As much as I am a fan of the coral colour, I am as much of a fan of anything with stripes. I love the style of this dress – Izzie will wear skirts and dresses at any opportunity, so she will love this.

3. Bunty Woven Dress – from £39.95 Izzie had a very similar dress last year – it washed up so lovely, and still just about fits her, but i love the new design for this summer. I’ve included a photo below of her wearing last years.

4. Cassidy Sweatshirt – from £27.95 You always need a warm sweatshirt for summer evenings – especially as both of our holidays this year are in Cornwall and the evenings can get a little bit chilly. This is the gorgeous coral colour again, it has a cat, and I love the zip detailing. What more could you want?

5. Iris Jersey Vest Top – From £12.95 Again Izzie had a similar top last year and it looked lovely with denim shorts, a cardigan and flip flops.

I’m so excited for the brighter weather – mainly because all my photos look like they were taken on the same day, as the ids are wearing the same coats and hats in each one!
This post is in no way sponsored by Joules (although that would be amazing), it is just things that I love and plan to buy for Izzie. If you would like to shop any of the above items, I have included the links or you can find them at
Roll on the warmer days…..


(Clothing Photos are Copyright of Joules)



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