Ollie’s 4th Birthday – Photo Round Up

Ollie’s 4th Birthday – Photo Round Up

I always feel for Ollie, being that his birthday is 6 days before Christmas. It is always a stressful time because people have so much going on – I hope he doesn’t feel this too – I’m sure he doesn’t as the steady stream of presents is just amazing for him. We are really lucky that none of our family and friends have ever tried to pass off one present for both occasions and everyone makes a real fuss of him.

Ollie turned 4 on the 19th December. He was really lucky to have a joint birthday party at our local soft play with his friend on the 17th – we all had a great time, although Mason stayed with my mum as he had only come out of hospital after having broncholitis the week before, so we figured soft play wasn’t the best place to keep him germ free. We then had a tea party for family and friends on his birthday.

I feel awful that I didn’t take many photos – it was all so hectic and before i looked round the day was over. He had a very happy little boy though, and that was what mattered. He was so happy to get a Tracy Island and all the Thunderbirds and has loved playing with it. We also had a Thunderbirds theme to his teas party and he loved the balloons with the Thunderbird vehicles on.

Without further ado, here are the very few photos I managed to take. I can’t believe my rainbow baby is 4!






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