Our Christmas Eve Box

Our Christmas Eve Box

Every year since Izzie was about 2 we have made a Christmas Eve box/hamper.
In previous years the box has been under the tree on Christmas eve morning, but this year our elf Scout will be leaving it as his departure present.
We always put the same sort of things into it – treats and activities the kids can do on Christmas eve, and a few ways to keep them calm and to settle them into bed so they get a good nights sleep before the big day. I have made a video on our box which I will also link at the end.

This year I think it is unlikely that everything will fit into the box we have used in previous years, and so I bought a nice basket from Waitrose. I haven’t got a photo of it all packed together but will add one when I get it all wrapped. So this is what is going to be in our box….

A Baby bot bath bomb from Lush
Both of these are books we use every year – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and The Snowman and The Snowdog


I bought both of these from Amazon – one is magic painting, and one is a sticker book both from Usborne – I thought these might keep the kids occupied on Christmas Eve while we prep the dinner for the next day.


I bought this lovely wooden platter from The Crafty Giraffe last year – it came with the milk bottle and it is personalised with the kids names on it.


A few sweet treats.


A Christmas Movie and Popcorn – the DVD belonged to me and my brother, but you can easily get it from Amazon. It is my favourite at Christmas and I have watched it every year for as long as I can remember.


New Christmas PJS from Next. The boys have Santa ones and Izzies have a fluffy rabbit on them.

Nearer the time I will also add in some reindeer food, which we will make for the kids to sprinkle on the lawn so Santa can find our house. We also have hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows too.

Do you make a Christmas eve box, and what do you put in yours?

Disclosure – this post isn’t sponsored in anyway, I have left the links because I have bought the products and thought they may inspire others.



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