The Trees that are now grown up #chasingnature

The Trees that are now grown up #chasingnature

Two Sundays ago, the weather was looking perfect for a dog walk – it was chilly but the rain from the previous day had dried up and we were all in need of some fresh air. I took my camera along with the intention of getting some shots of the kids running around.
Badminton Estate is near my parents house and there are loads of places to wander, and big open spaces, perfect for wild kids and crazy dogs. This is mainly a photo heavy post, but I just wanted to point out the trees in the first photo. When me and my brother were little, probably similar ages to what Izzie and Ollie are now, these trees were planted. I remember my dad showing them to us on one of our family walks, and saying that one day the trees would be big trees and we could show our children, and that he would be old by then – but to be fair my dad doesn’t ever seem old to me. So here are my children running amongst those once baby trees. How amazing is that…. unfortunately it is a blurry photo, but for the purposes of telling the story!
The others appear to be a lot better luckily. I love family time, and walking the dog in the fresh air is my favourite kind. I was desperate for a dog growing up  – we finally got one when I was 16 – Tilly is nearly 14 now, and the kids adore her, and I’m so glad they are able to grow up having Harley and Tilly around. It’s also worth noting I thought it would be dry enough to take the pushchair – huge mistake – I’m still picking clumps of mud from the wheels….
Anyway without further ado, here are our sunday dog walking photos – I love having them to look back on.


















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  1. November 28, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    What a fabulous story! I absolutely love taking Squishy to places I used to run wild. There is a special connection. I am so happy you get to share that with your kids. There is nothing better than a day full of running crazy kids and their pup, and Tilly is absolutely adorable!

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