Weekend Walk

Weekend Walk



We live in a beautiful area in the Cotswolds. Our house is on the edge of a smallish market town, but you are always only minutes drive from the fields.

On Saturdays, Ell plays football, so we had a plan to go out looking for conkers (turns out it was slightly early, so we plan on trying again nearer to half term), and to catch the last bit of summer sunshine at Nanny’s. My mum lives in a small village with plenty of lovely walks on the doorstop. My kids are both outdoor kids and love to be outside.
We didn’t take Harley this time as he prefers to run off the lead and we were quite near a main road. As we started out it was quite chilly, but once we got to the slightly higher ground, we started to cook, and felt a little silly in boots and wellies – my mum has just got back from 10 days in Cyprus, was wearing a skirt and bare legs, and so she probably looked equally out of place ?
Izzie had a massive growth spurt over the summer, so was very excited to try on some of her new winter clothes, including this Joules skirt, and Ollie has just had a HUGE growth spurt, so we need to do some shopping, however this top is new and luckily fits him!
So we headed off, wellies, pram and scooter in tow, and honestly couldn’t have picked a lovelier day for it. We didn’t however manage a whole walk without a terrible twos strop…see the pic of Ollie sat on the road having thrown off his wellies!
Here are some photos from our walk – I love the one of Izzie and Ollie looking over the gate – that’s definitely one for the photo wall ?
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