What we did Summer 2016 – Week 6

What we did Summer 2016 – Week 6
Week  6 – 29th August – 4th September
If I struggled last week, this week was just painful both kids were totally ready to go back to school and routine, and were totally fed up of me!
This week mainly consisted of labelling this lot….

….tidying up this
….and trying to keep this one sat down in a highchair with no straps – luckily me managed to get some to fit – thanks Hauck!
The iPad was highly utilised this week….


….and mummy was ready for Autmn to come!
We had a really fun morning on Thursday making cafe in the playhouse, but i’m almost certain it ended in a fight!
Friday brought the start of my 30th birthday weekend  – a night out on friday…
Cinema with the bestie to see Bad Moms (amazing!) on Saturday.


…and a family meal on Sunday – more to come in my birthday post!
Then it was home to get ready for the start of school the next day!!



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