Family Medicine Cabinet Essentials – Be Prepared this Christmas

Family Medicine Cabinet Essentials – Be Prepared this Christmas

We’ve had one of those typical winter weeks, where its got colder, and the germs have started to creep in. If you’ve been around here for sometime, you will know that we don’t always have the best luck health wise over Christmas. I think its a combination of Ollie’s birthday being just before, and always picking something up from being around loads of people ay his party (this year we are holding it early so fingers crossed), and all the excitement and stress leading up to this big day. There years in a row we all came down with a sickness bug from 2014-2017). In 2017 I managed to rally to cook the dinner after coming down with it on Christmas Eve morning but I couldn’t face eating any of it! At this time of year, as well as buying presents and getting organised, one of the things I like to go through my medicine cabinet, checking expiration dates and making sure we have it stocked up, preparing us for all eventualities. Lets face ut we’ve all been there – trying to locate some calpol when the shop is shut for the bank holidays!

This year, faced by a rather empty and outdated medicine cabinet, I took to my Instagram stories to ask what my lovely followers recommended me to keep in there. A lot of people also asked me to share, so I’ve compiled the list below. (Quick disclaimer – this is not official medical advise, just some recommendations from some fellow parents). I hope its helpful – and that you all have a lovely, stress free, and most import illness free Christmas this year! Also if I’ve missed anything, leave me a comment below so I can add it on. Finally, than you to everyone who took the time to message me and contribute to this post – you’ve saved me a huge amount of time that I would’ve spent making a shopping list!

Family Medicine Cabinet Essentials:

Medicine Cabinet Essentials


Antiseptic Wipes

Bandages (I like to keep a travel first aid kit in the car so I know I always have stuff on hand)

Piriton liquid

Antihistamine cream


Cold Pack 


Ibuprofen Tablets

Paracetamol Tablets

Calpol (in relevant age group)

Nurofen/Ibuprofen liquid for kids

Nit Treatment



Vicks Vapour Rub

Snuffle Babe

Olbas Oil for kids

Snot Sucker

Night nurse for adults

Kids cough medicine (specific recommendations: Benylin night for kids 6 and above, Buttercup Syrup)



Calpol Mentol Plug in

Thread worm treatment



Dettol Spray


Have a very Happy Christmas!


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  1. Amy
    November 20, 2019 / 11:40 am

    Really good post ?
    Stocking up on a few of these before Christmas x

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