Meet the Brushneens

Meet the Brushneens
Well…where to start… I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now – I tried and failed once before, but I feel like the time is right to have another go at it. I always kept a diary when I was younger and I should technically have plenty of time being a stay at home mummy but some days my feet barely touch the floor!
I love reading other people’s blogs, I spend most of my free time doing it, and was thinking, even if not for others to read, it would be a lovely thing to look back my at musings of ‘mummyhood’ in a year or mores time….or maybe for the kids to look back on when they are a bit older. I’ m just sad I didn’t start it when my journey as a mummy began in 2009.
So anyway here I am!
I’m Gemma (29, but still think I’m 21 – in mind more than body, trust me the kids have wrecked that!)
I’ve been married since May 2009 to Elliot. We met at school, aged 14…a LONG story for another day! We bought our house together, 10 minutes from both sets of our parents in July 2008, and adopted our tabby cat, Louis.
I am mummy to Izzie (born April 2010), Ollie (born Christmas 2012) and our newest addition, baby Mason (born May 2015)
I am also what is known as a ‘Rainbow Mummy’. This sadly means that we lost our second baby, a little girl who we named Sophie, in February 2012 at 24 weeks into my pregnancy. Despite tests, there was no reason found for why she passed away, and obviously I went on to have straight forward pregnancies with Ollie and Mason.
Ollie was born in December 2012, and he was our rainbow baby. We fell pregnant with him two months after losing Sophie and he was the best Christmas present we could of wished for. He was an amazing end to a year that started out to be one of the worst years of our lives.
(“Rainbow Babies” are the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it does not mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and the clouds. Storm clouds may still loom over but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of colour, energy, and much needed hope.)
The next member to join our family was our crazy (and i mean mad as a box of frogs) springer spaniel puppy, Harley. I think he was meant to try and dispel my broodiness, but it didn’t quite work…
We decided in Summer 2014 that we would like to add another baby to our madhouse, and found out we were expecting Mason in late September 2014. It also coincided with Izzie starting primary school, and there were more than a few mornings that I struggled not to throw up on the school run.
Our second rainbow baby Mason was born on 14th May this year, and he completed our lovely little family. He is adored by Izzie and Ollie, and is just the chubbiest, smiliest, happiest little man.
We live in a three bedroom house in the market town of Malmesbury, and although it was a new build 8 years ago, we are constantly finding something to do to ‘improve it’. Before one job has finished we start another…this does not go down well.
So anyway this is me, and my family. I love anything to do with babies, beauty, redecorating my house, Oh and country music – Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood on repeat is normal in the Brushneen house.


‘Somewhere After the Rainbow’ is our journey after our rainbow babies and adjusting to life as looney family of five. Every day is a challenge, but its amazing fun, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Brushneens – September 2015
Gemma & Elliot
Izzie (Born April 2010)


Ollie (Born December 2012)


Mason (Born May 2015)





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