Ottilie Grace {12 weeks of you}

Ottilie Grace {12 weeks of you}

I can’t believe Ottie is nearly 12 weeks old – I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from the last 12 weeks  – its amazing how much she has grown already! She is a total dream and we are so happy. I promise to be back with more words around here soon, but for now, enjoy this little beauty!


Weight: I reckon around 13lb but last time she was measured at 8 weeks she was 11lb 3oz

Nicknames: Ottie, Pudding & little OG (Ollie is big OG)

Likes: Smiling, Sleep, pulling mummies hair and doing very loud burps and farts!

Milestones: Ottie had her first set of vaccinations like a pro, she’s been on her first mini holiday to Wales, and has been sleeping through the night since she was 8 weeks old. She also celebrated her first Christmas!

Routine: Feeds at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm – taking around 6oz bottles each time.

She is also the queen of the explosive nappy and is possibly the worlds smiliest baby!



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