AMA WRAP | Review

AMA WRAP | Review

Disclosure: I was kindly gifted the AMAWrap in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photographs are my own. 

Having four children means that I’m massively outnumbered. Being able to have my hands free to hold on to little people who are a flight risk is really important (if you’ve met my four year old you’ll understand what I mean). I realised this when I had three children and I quickly became a fan of baby wearing. Before I had Mason in 2015 I had dabbled in different slings and had soft wrap type sling with both the boys but it was more structured and you had to thread various bits of material through rings. It never seemed particularly comfortable or supportive and so it didn’t get used a huge amount. 

When I was pregnant with Ottilie and the lovely people at AMA Wrap got in touch to see if I would like to review one of their 100% cotton fabric wrap slings I jumped at the chance. The AMAwrap is made in the UK, and is suitable from newborn to 15kg – one size fits all. They do a gorgeous range of colours – we went for the Oyster Grey Wrap so Ell would feel happier wearing it – I would’ve loved the coral pink though! 

I was a little nervous initially about tying it correctly – it is essentially a giant piece of stretchy material – but AMA Wrap have a super helpful and easy to follow video on YouTube which shows you exactly how to do it.

Once I’d practiced it a couple of times it was easy. When Ottilie was born she was an incredibly chilled baby but always became restless at around 4.30pm (otherwise known as the time before Daddy is home and when Mummy should be making tea for her siblings). The wrap came in most handy in the early days for popping her in during this time of the day. It meant I was handsfree and able to make sure everyone was fed, whilst still getting plenty of cuddles with Ottie in sling. She always settled quickly and fell asleep as I muddled around. 

We also have a springer spaniel and living where we do in Wiltshire, plus the fact that we had a winter baby meant that dogs walks just weren’t pram friendly. The wrap comes with its own little bag that means it’s super easy to store (and even tuck behind the seat in the car for when it’s needed). Harley loves to swim and then get out and shake and I was pleased to find the AMA wrap was also easy to wash. 

The wrap is also beneficial to babies with reflux or colic. Ottilie suffered a lot with colic in the early days and I know that having her upright in the sling helped get her wind up and also settle her. 

Now that she is 6 months old we are still using the AMA Wrap regularly, and now that we are in the warmer months, even though Ottilie is heavier, I feel like we both stay cool whilst using it and she is still happy and supported in it. 

It’s definitely been a must have baby product for us. 


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