REVIEW – Oxo Tot – Toddler Feeding

REVIEW – Oxo Tot – Toddler Feeding

When it comes to weaning, and feeding young children, I’ve been there and done that, and got the tomato stained t-shirt to prove it. We are currently on our third go at and have probably tried every product on the market over the years.
Izzie was a nightmare with a cup – we must’ve tried over 10 different types of sippy cup/brands and struggled to find anything she got on with.
By the time it got to Ollie, we were a bit better informed, although he was stuck with his sisters pink forks and spoons. Poor Mason, by the time it got to him…

I was so excited when Oxo Tot UK said they would send us a few products to try out. We received a big box just before Christmas in the post, containing a Twist Top Water Bottle, a fork and spoon set, and a flippy snack cup, all in the Aqua Colour.

Firstly, the colour is lovely – its so nice to see a product thats a different colour to the standard blue, green or pink. The products are a teal colour, which is different from ones I’ve seen in the shops before.

The Twist Top Water Bottle holds up to 340ml of water, and the lid twists to retract and extend the straw. This helps prevent leaks. I’ll be honest when I saw it was a straw cup, my heart sank a little. Straw cups we’ve used in the past by other brands tend to be fine until they need washing up. Having to take them apart and reassemble them is a nightmare. I was pleased to see on the packaging that this one was dishwasher safe. I was so pleasantly surprised to find it really easy to take apart and put back together. We have used this very day since having it for Mason’s water. He can open and close it himself, and when the lid is closed it does not leak at all. It is perfect to take when you are out of the house as it holds a good volume of water too. The only slightly downside is there is nothing to stop the water tipping out when the lid is open – but I always make sure it is closed before putting it in the changing bag, and make sure the little monkey isn’t tipping upside at mealtimes. I’m so impressed with this cup – it is hands down the best straw cup we have ever used.
The Flippy Snack Cup, comes with a travel cover to keep food fresh, and it has a flexible opening. It means toddlers can get their hands inside to get food out, but the food won’t spill if it is tipped upside down. It also has a handle which Mason was able to hold easily, allowing him to get the food out with his other hand. Again I was really impressed with this product. It is small enough it doesn’t take up loads of room in the changing bag, but you can fit a good amount of food in it – Mason tends to have sliced grapes and blueberries for a snack when we go out, and this is perfect to hold them. It is really simple to clean – and dishwasher safe – a big bonus. We have used the snack cup loads and will continue to do so.



I was so happy to receive the fork and spoon set – as I mentioned earlier, poor Mason, like Ollie before him,  was still using Izzie’s pink cutlery set from 6 years ago. The handles are chunky and curved, making them perfect for little hands to grasp. The metal parts are really curved too, making it easy for Mason to pick up food – and keep it on the fork/spoon. He has found them so easy to eat with. I am going to be purchasing another set, as I’m so impressed with them. They are also dishwasher safe – and its worth noting that the whole range is BPA free. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the white parts on the products haven’t discoloured at all in the dishwasher.


The Oxo Tot Range can be found on their website, and I’ve also seen them on Amazon and in John Lewis. They do a wide variety of other products, including high chairs, booster seats, a big range of cups, and other feeding products. I’m excited to check more of them out, as I was so impressed with the products we received. Thankyou Oxo Tot!


Disclosure: I was kindly sent these products to review by OXO UK, but all photographs and opinions are my own – I would never recommend a product if I didn’t really love it.



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  1. January 24, 2017 / 11:51 pm

    The products look great, I love that little pot from stopping raising going everywhere! Mich x

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