The Me & Mine Project – August 2017

The Me & Mine Project – August 2017

It is the end of the August – and nearly the end of the summer holidays. They have totally flown by. Tomorrow is September, the month where everything will change forever. It sounds dramatic I know, but when you have a child starting school, it suddenly seems such a huge thing.

Ollie is totally ready. Being a December baby he is one of the older ones in his year group and he loves learning. It doesn’t make it easier, that my precious rainbow baby is all of a sudden big enough to go to school.

We’ve had such a lazy August. It’s been just what we needed. Endless days of lounging around, playing games, making forts, and just spending time together. I’ve managed to juggle doing various bits of work from home, all the while spending as much time with them as I can.

It hasn’t all been sweetness and light. We’ve had fighting, fall outs and tears. August 2017 will always go down in history as the month we had to go to A&E as Mason shoved a rather large stone right up his nose. After 8 hours in hospital, the prospect of a general anaesthetic and a wonderful doctor who managed to get it out – his screams are still haunting me – it was all over and we have a 5p size stone in a bag for his memory box.

We had a wonderful family holiday at the beginning of August. Again it was laid back, we had all the time in the world and it was lovely to be so chilled out in beautiful Cornwall.

Since sharing a room on holiday, Ollie has been constantly asking for a sleepover in Izzies room (she has bunk beds).

For the last week they have shared a room every night – and got on amazingly. I actually think Ollie thinks he’s moving in – I hate to tell him he will be back in his room next week when he’s back to school.

A few months back, their fighting consumed every minute they were together and it was not a nice environment. Touching wood, we seem to have moved past this, and it has been lovely to see the bond grow between all three of them this month.

As a mum, this summer holiday has made me realise I CAN DO THIS. Ell works longer hours this time of year, and aside from my own mum who works three days, I am on my own with them 99.9% of the time. At the start of the holidays I was dreading it, but I really feel like I’ve found my groove this month.

September is one of my favourite months. The start of Autumn (my favourite season) and bringing the run up to Christmas. The new school year will bring huge changes and a new routine for us all, but I’m excited to embrace it and see what else September will bring. Hopefully lots of pumpkin spiced candles, fairy lights and cups of tea under a blanket – I’m ever hopeful.

This months photos were taken just before sunset at the beautiful Harlyn Bay, near Padstow in Cornwall. The kids were starting to get overtired and not playing ball with posing (I obviously need to train them better – my bad) but the light and the setting is just so beautiful.

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  1. August 31, 2017 / 10:52 pm

    Such beautiful beach shots and much as I love the smiley ones that walking into the sunset photo is a bit special. That would be one to capture year on year like Lucy’s behind the gate photo :o) I’ve also found this summer has flown by and we’ve had more fun and less grrr than I imagined at the start of it. It’s been a bit harder not having the opportunity to nap when baby does so I will welcome the school term for the return to that but I shall miss E when he’s not around next week. Roll on October half term eh :o)

    • Gemma
      September 12, 2017 / 11:09 am

      Aw thank you – yes I agree, it would be lovely to get a photo like this each year!I’m glad you had a lovely summer – and O October half term will be here before we know it! xx

    • Gemma
      September 12, 2017 / 11:10 am

      Thanks lovely xx

  2. September 12, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    Oh lady the light in these beach family snaps is dreamy. I love it. I have never been able to quite capture that golden sunset. Need to live near a beach or field that is open enough for the sun to set we are closen in here. hahah Either way what a lovely way to end summer. Wish I had your enthusiasm for autumn ahead I am already freezing!!! lol Summer come back. Happy September. #meandmineproject

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