The Siblings Project – April 2017

The Siblings Project – April 2017

This month has been a funny old one. It’s gone from crazy and hectic with the end of term to stupidly quiet as we’ve been stuck at home a lot, due to the start of our kitchen renovations.

Because of all the mess, I haven’t blogged or taken photos much, but to be honest I’ve enjoyed the break and spending time with my mad three – although there have been days that I’ve been rocking by the time Ell got home.

We tick by nicely in term time, and then the holidays come and it all seems a bit much – not having three of them all at once, but that they struggle with being out of their term time routine.
Izzie seems to forget how to be independent insisting on me giving her full attention at all times. Ollie is just totally bored at home – his preschool day is really busy – and because of this he becomes naughty. I’ve also noticed this month that Mason idolises Ollie, and Ollie has been using this to get him to do things that he knows they shouldn’t be doing, knowing that Mason won’t get into as much trouble as he would.

They have all been loving playing outside, whether that’s on the trampoline or in the playhouse – which becomes various things – a police station, a cafe, a school. They fight a lot, but those moments when I catch them caught up in their sibling world, playing a game, that makes my day.

I love capturing these photos every month – this month definitely shows their personalities to perfection, especially the littlest, who has us all wrapped around his little finger.


This month Izzie has been loving:

  • celebrating her 7th Birthday
  • Lego Friends – she doesn’t need Mummy to help her now either
  • wearing her new Spring clothes

This month Ollie has been loving:

  • playing outside – he loves to make the playhouse into his ‘Firehouse’
  • Power Rangers – his favourite game to play
  • wearing shorts – even when it isn’t warm enough to – just like his Dad

This month Mason has been loving:

  • the trampoline
  • balloons  –  he is obsessed with them
  • riding Ollie’s scooter – I think its time to remove the seat from his Microscooter to avoid any arguments

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