The Siblings Project – December 2017

The Siblings Project – December 2017

This is somehow the last post of 2017? I honestly can’t believe it. I say it every month but it feels like the whole month has flown by in a flash and I’m not quite sure where it goes. December however, seems to step the madness up a level. Between Christmas plays, lunches, non uniform days, and various other school events I feel like my feet haven’t touched the floor since I wrote my last post.
As a result of this, I have some pretty tired kids, who seem to be sleeping in later – yes it’s never been known before – and who are more than ready for their Christmas break.


They are all so excited about Christmas and we’ve been so busy – and we’ve been making a ton of memories along the way. We’ve been ice skating and visited Santa, saw the Coca Cola Truck and obviously decorated the house for Christmas. We’ve also battled a delightful sick bug – which the Kidd recovered from pretty quickly but it took myself and Ell out for days.

We’ve also seen some SNOW! It was technically both of the boys first time in the snow as the last time we had some in Wiltshire, Ollie was only three weeks old.

Despite that, and the ice, we managed to get Ollie to school (we have a 10 minute drive) to perform in his Christmas play, where he played possibly the cutest elf I’ve ever seen. He’s on countdown until his birthday now on the 19th and his party and he just can’t wait.

Izzies social calendar has been crazy busy with Brownies, and after school clubs, and although she takes them in her stride, I can tell how tired she is. She’s being braver at trying new things but isn’t the most confident and so we are trying to build her up a lot as she struggles when she can’t do something perfect first time.

Mason has been a little better on the tantrum front, although our main issues seems to revolve around him being strapped in. He refuses to go in the pushchair at all now and the car seat has been a nightmare – considering he has to get in and out of it twice a day for school runs minimum. He’s quite a lot bigger than Ollie was at the same age and he seems to hate the straps, so we’ve tried him with an impact shield seat but he hates that even more. It’s been quite draining and very distracting when I’m driving as he scream constantly.

On a more positive note his speaking has come on leaps and bounds again in the last month and we are so proud of him.

In December


Izzie has been loving:

*two attempts at ice skating – and improving every time.

*our elf on the shelf, Scout’s antics – and his new girly elf friend ‘Betty Tinsel’

*making her own paper decorations for her bedroom

Ollie has been loving:

*the countdown to his Birthday (5!!!!)

*swapping Ninjago cards with his friends

*sleeping in a lot later in the mornings (finally 7am wake ups – hallelujah!)

Mason has been loving:

*putting together more words – my favourite sentence this month being ‘oh mummy, where a mote (remote) go?’ when he wanted to watch Paw Patrol

*ALL things Paw Patrol

*being much more involved in games with his siblings – although they do loose patience after a while they are really tolerant of him being much younger

This months photos are of them twinning in their Disney pjs – watch out for our Me & Mine pictures at the end of the month as they may make another appearance.

I just wanted to say a quick thankyou if you’ve followed along with my Siblings posts each month in 2017 – and a huge thankyou to everyone who has commented on my posts. It means the world. Here’s to 2018 and all it may bring! Merry Christmas to you and yours and have an amazing one!

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I’m so lucky to have a full year of photos of my three… The Siblings Project 2017:














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