The Siblings Project – July 2017

The Siblings Project – July 2017

It’s Mid July and that means it’s time again for The Siblings Project. This months photos are some of my favourite of my three that I’ve taken. I particularly love how cute they look in their matching wetsuits. We were actually given the smaller two last year by a lady on the beach whose children had outgrown them – there really are some lovely people in the world.

July has been all about counting down the end of school and preschool. Even though we had a lovely break in Cornwall at the end of June (where this months photos were taken) it still wasn’t quite enough to recharge their batteries. With a mix of sports days, school taster sessions, a festival and generally a lot going on, we are all more than ready for the summer holidays now.

When we were away we didn’t have too much fighting between Izzie and Ollie which gave me hope for a peaceful summer holiday. Mason is certainly finding his place with his siblings – which is usually him getting away with everything and wrapping them around his little finger.

Sometimes I’ve now noticed Izzie and Ollie having a ‘big kid’ clique where they want a bit of time to do ‘big kid’ things.

During our holiday it was so lovely to watch all three of them just enjoying playing on the beach. Every day they demanded an ice cream but other than that they were really easy to please.

When school finishes we have a couple of weeks at home before we go back down to Cornwall and it will be so lovely to not be in a routine and to take life at a slower pace. The last week or so I am noticing both Izzie and Ollie are grumpier and all three are not waking as early in the morning. I actually had to wake them on Monday this week.

I’m keeping everything crossed that the nice weather continues, along with the later wake up times and I can’t wait to spend 6 whole weeks with my three before life changes again for us when Ollie starts school in September. Roll on next Friday.


This month Izzie has been loving:

*reading – and she is getting so good

*one of her missing teeth finally cutting

*collecting Ty Toys – the ones with the big eyes

This month Ollie has been loving:

*his new school at his taster visit

*food – this boy is constantly hungry at the moment!

*the beach – he would’ve spent all day there if he could

This month Mason has been loving:

*his new pushchair which he will happily sit in!

*Duplo – he has got so good at building things – he definitely follows Ollie for this

*cheesy grins – he now has a face for when a camera comes out and finds it hilarious


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  1. July 15, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    Oh these pictures are gorgeous – you can’t beat the seaside for fun, and wetsuits just make life that little bit warmer if you happen to still be in England!!

  2. July 31, 2017 / 9:43 pm

    These are fab photos – those wetsuits look perfect for a day on a British beach! #SiblingsProject

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