The Siblings Project – March 2017

The Siblings Project – March 2017

The last month has flown by since February’s siblings project – it seems like 5 minutes ago I was bribing the kids to take last months photos, and this morning I had a bit of a panic when I realised we didn’t have any for this month – cue in impromptu photo shoot before school – it went pretty smoothly and we weren’t even late for school!

The last four weeks have passed with luckily a lot less illness than the previous few months. The kids have been ticking along nicely, all waiting on Spring arriving.

Izzie and Ollie seem to be fighting a lot less – I’m not sure if thats because they have been able to get outside a lot more, or just that they have both seemed to have grown up a lot in  the last month. I can finally count on one hand the amount of tantrums and bad nights sleep we have had with Ollie – his night terrors are becoming few and far between and I think this has made him in a happier mood all round.

Izzie really seems to be tired from school at the moment – that and having her first sleep over last weekend.  She’s such an easy going child, but even at nearly 7 she definitely needs her sleep. She is trying really hard at school, and homework is becoming much less of a chore – although she still protests.

Mason’s talking seems to have come on a lot this month – even though I am still a bit worried, he is now saying Mama, Dada, Nana, Hi, Bye and Ta clearly, along with other words which me and Ell can understand. He adores the trampoline – the sheer joy in his face when he is bouncing  – or the big two are bouncing him, is just adorable.

I adore their dynamic as siblings – Izzie is very much the Mother Hen, and is very protective of the boys – she’s always organising them when they play, and they definitely listen to her – although Ollie is getting his own opinion more and more now he is getting older. Both Izzie and Ollie adore Mason, and try to incorporate him in their games – even if 99% of the time he doesn’t do what they want and they love showing him books and reading stories to him. They are very mindful of the fact he is still little,  and are very kind to him and its lovely to see. march 17 siblings project march 17 siblings project

march 17 siblings projectThis month Izzie has been loving:

  • planning her birthday trip to Legoland
  • making her birthday present list
  • riding her scooter  – complete with new pink basket

march 17 siblings projectThis month Ollie has been loving:

  • His new lego storage
  • Everything ‘Superhero’ in particular Batman
  • Arts and Crafts – he as suddenly developed a huge interest in making things and colouring – its so lovely to see
  • march 17 siblings project

This month Mason has been loving:

  • being able to get outside and play with the outdoor toys – particularly the trampoline
  • taking off his shoes and socks – at every opportunity!
  • Peppa Pig – not so much the tv show but we have loads of Peppa books and he is always wanting them read to him.

Its wonderful to watch the kids grow through my Siblings posts each month and I look forward to linking up  – see who else has joined in with Lucy at Dear Beautiful for this month here


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  1. March 18, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Those individual photos of each of them is such a great idea to go along with their lovely siblings photos. I keep meaning to do this. I love a good sibling sofa cuddle too. Gorgeous photos. #siblingsproject

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