The Siblings Project – October 2017

The Siblings Project – October 2017

I swear these posts come round quicker and quicker each month. We are well and truly into autumn now, although we are really enjoying some lovely mild weather.

It seems like the last month has flown by. It always seems that way when the kids are at school. Life becomes a blur of school runs and homework and making sure the PE kits and swimming bags aren’t forgotten.

I’m really looking forward to the holidays which will start on Wednesday, I can’t wait for a bit of a slower pace.

I’m all too aware looking at these photos of the kids that they are suddenly looking so grown up. Izzies teeth are FINALLY coming in and soon it’ll be Ollie’s turn get wobbly ones.

Izzie has joined the school choir and is absolutely loving it – she seems so grown up – although we have our fair share of teenage-esque strops and answering back.

Ollie is still loving school – he’s had a few mischievous streaks but I’m so proud of how he’s taken to it. He goes in every morning without fuss and seems to genuinely enjoy learning.

Mason has suddenly turned from a 2 year old into a 5 year old. He mimics everything his older siblings do – he currently seems to think he’s a power ranger and walks around trying to karate kick everything!

He’s also suffering from the worst bout of terrible twos that we’ve seen as a family. Izzie was (as usual) so laid back with hers. They mainly consisted of hiding when out and having a strop if she was woken from her nap. Ollie was really easy going aside from the night terrors (a post on those to come soon) but the littlest is really giving us what for with his.

He’s been throwing food across the table, refusing to be strapped into his car seat (and then trying to get the straps undone!) and wanting to walk and not go in the pushchair, but then refusing to walk and making me carry him (or be forced to walk along with him clinging to my leg). His speech has come on amazingly in the last month. He’s finally starting to put two words together ( a huge thing for him) and I actually nearly cried when he said ‘bye bye mum-my’ – he has the cutest voice. He struggled a bit with me leaving on the train to go to London and apparently screamed Mummy all the way home in the car! Poor Ell!

They absolutely loved our few days away to Wales last week, enjoying the swimming pool, absolutely loving the golf cart and they got autumn ice cream on beautiful Tenby Beach, which is where I took this months photos. We are now looking forward to Halloween and then run up to Christmas! I cannot wait! We need to get out and enjoy autumn and do some autumn crafts first though – our plan for this weekend.

This month Izzie has been loving:


Roald Dahl books

MC2 on the TV

This month Ollie has been loving:

building dens

School dinners – he raves about them – not sure what that means about my cooking?!

Learning to do his own buttons up

This month Mason has been loving:

learning lots of new words (apple, banana and Olber – his version of Oliver)

Playing with his toy garage and cars

Paw Patrol – he’s obsessed – Ryder and his pups have well and truly replaced Peppa. He even has to have the theme song playing at bedtime!


This months marks a whole year that I have been linking up with the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful for Siblings. I love that I have captured my babies for a whole year – I just wish I’d started sooner.

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  1. October 17, 2017 / 6:15 am

    Oh what lovely photos. I love the joy an ice-cream can give 🙂 Older siblings have a lot to answer for 😉 I have all of this to come.

  2. October 20, 2017 / 7:49 pm

    Ahh these are lovely together. They really do come around way too fast each month. I feel the same. Can’t beat ice cream on the beach no matter what season we are in. YUM! #siblingsproject

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