The Siblings Project – December 2016

The Siblings Project – December 2016

I can’t believe it is halfway through December – it seems like I only just wrote November’s Sibling post.
If I thought the last few months were hectic, I really had no idea. December has brought utter madness to our already chaotic house. We’ve had two nativities – Izzie was a Shepherd, and Ollie was a king. Izzie unfortunately missed her second performance, as she came down with a high temperature and sore throat, which Ollie had had a few days before. Mason then seemed to get it, and was feeling really sorry for himself, and then he came out in blisters around his mouth. At first I thought it was a teething rash as he had been dribbling loads, but then noticed some blisters on his hands and realised the poor little one had hand, foot and mouth.
I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the other two haven’t caught it, as it is highly contagious – and Ollie has his birthday party (at a local soft play place) on Saturday. Mason seems to be loads better as I am writing this thankfully.
we went ice skating and to visit Father Christmas on Tuesday, an annual tradition – which we couldn’t do last year as the kids had all had chicken pox. It was Ollie’s first time ice skating and he loved it! I also remembered to bring some dry clothes for them this time as they always end up soaked.
We have also had a elf shaped visitor this December – the kids have been so excited to see what he has got up to every morning – I wish I could bottle their delight! We’ve only had one day where their behaviour wasn’t brilliant and the Elf didn’t come back, although the fighting between Izzie and Ollie can still be pretty intense.
I started taking part in vlogmas at the beginning go December, but with everything the kids have had going on, PTA thing that i’m involved in, grown ups nights out, and all the Christmas prep, we have managed to make it to day 12 – and are stopping there. As much as I love capturing the children’s memories, it has made me quite stressed, and taken up every free second I have. I am now on a mission to try and reclaim my Christmas spirit. I’m excited for the big two to finish school and preschool on Friday. We then have Ollie’s birthday, and some chilled time before the big day. I can’t wait to spend some quality home time with Ell and the little people, with no plans other than taking it slow, playing with toys, watching Christmas films and getting some fresh air. I’m excited to see their faces on christmas morning more than anything – letters to Santa have been written, so hopefully everyone is on the nice list.
Merry Christmas to everyone, and we will see you again in the New Year!

This month Izzie is loving:
*writing and making Christmas cards
*helping decorate the house for Christmas
*Christmas jumpers and party clothes
*ice skating
*Scout the Elf

This month Ollie is loving:
*ice skating
*Christmas crafts – especially making reindeer food
*building with Duplo and Lego
*Scout the Elf

This month Mason is loving:
*Toot Toot Cars
*The twinkly lights and decorations – mainly trying too dismantle them!
*Advent calendars

I love seeing Katies’s photos every month – they are gorgeous! See who else has linked up here



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