The Siblings Project – September 2016

The Siblings Project – September 2016

This is my first time linking up to the siblings project – or linking up to anything at all….

When a camera comes out my three aways seem to look in different directions or pull daft faces. Regardless it is lovely to remember to capture a photo of the three of them each month, as they are amazing to look back on. As you can see below, the first attempt is usaully the best for me – after that i’ve lost their attention!

This months photo monkey was Izzie, who seems to be pulling some weird faces, but even so I love this photo of my babies. I can’t handle the cuteness of Ollie’s cheeky face.

This was taken just before we went out for my 30th Birthday Meal – hence why they look clean and tidy (lets face it it doesn’t happen often!).




This month Izzie is loving….
*being back at school with her friends*
*riding her scooter*
*Twosies (more tat to collect!)*
Ollie is loving….
*playing policemen and firemen*
*doing lots of craft at his new preschool*
Mason is loving….
*His Mickey Mouse stuffed toy*
*Wearing his new wellies*
*Going in the back carrier on walks*
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