The Brushneen Christmas Meal Plan 2016

The Brushneen Christmas Meal Plan 2016

I am a planner – I’ve mentioned several times how many lists I write. Christmas is no exception. It may seem totally over the top but I keep a copy of the previous years shopping list and meals plan son the computer.

I like to meal plan from the day before Christmas day for the week ahead, and then I know I can do one big shop and know I have enough food and essentials so we don’t have to go out to shops.
I also make a few dishes from leftovers and so like to make sure my shopping list includes ervything I need to make those meals too as wells the main Christmas lunch.
We do our main food shop at around 8pm a couple of days before Christmas – we get my in laws or parents to sit with the kids and we can do it quickly and without too much stress – except the year we bought the wrong type of ham to roast haha! Our turkey is given a bath a la Nigella and we use a lot of her recipes, so once I have a meal plan I can make a shopping list and check off things that we may already have in stock. If there are any bits we need that aren’t fresh, I add those into our weekly shops before the main Christmas shop to spread the cost a bit.
So this is our meal plan for the Christmas Week…
I aways sure we have in eggs, bread, cereal and some of the Jus Rol Croissants that you can bake fresh. Oh and plenty of ground coffee.
Friday 23rd December
Lunch – Bacon Sandwiches
Dinner – Soup & Fresh Bread
Saturday 24th December – Christmas Eve
Lunch – Eggs Benedict
Dinner – Chicken, Broccoli and Pasta
Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day
Lunch – Traditional Christmas Lunch – Turkey, Stuffing and Sausage Meat Portions, Sprouts with Chesnuts, Roast Potatoes, Parsnips, Red Cabbage with Apple, Gravy and Bread Sauce
Dinner – Cheese Board, Crackers, Chutney and fancy crisps
Monday 26th December – Boxing Day
Lunch – Leftover Turkey in Gravy, Bubble and Speak Cakes (made with leftover sprouts, chestnuts, roast and mashed potatoes and cheese) and parnips
Dinner – Cheese Board, Crackers, Chutney and fancy crisps
Tuesday 27th December 
Lunch – Ham Rolls (made with our roasted ham) and cheese board
Dinner – Out visiting family
Wednesday 28th December
Lunch – Camenbert and French Stick
Dinner – Leftovers pie (recipe coming soon) with mash, veg and gravy
Thursday 29th December
Lunch – Eggs Benedict
Dinner – Sausage Casserole, Dumplings and Potatoes
So this what we will be eating over Christmas – hopefully it has given you some inspiration (although we eat a LOT of cheese!) and I thought this post may also come in handy for next year.
Happy Christmas Eating Everyone!

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