What we did Summer 2016 – Week 2

What we did Summer 2016 – Week 2

Week 2 1st-5th August

(This is a shorter week as we went on holiday on Saturday, so wanted to include our week away in one post)
This week was again a very quiet week – I had in the back of my mind that we were going away on the Saturday, and so most of the week was spent tidying, cleaning and washing clothes.
Monday started off quiet, but within two hours of breakfast, Izzie had given Ollie a black eye (accidentally). The rest of the day was spent having a catch up with one of my best friends and her little boy and shopping for school shoes!
I managed to do a Dutch braid in Izzies hair….
They love each other really – despite the black eye 😂
Tuesday was spent having a lovely play date and a catch up with two of my besties and Izzies besties. We talked so much I didn’t take a single photo! Oops.
Wednesday and Thursday continued the lazy theme, with more washing, more playing in the garden (btw artificial grass – best money we’ve ever spent). Ollie has also been going through a phase where he thinks muddling is fun. Most mornings this week, this is how I found his bedroom. He was also still doing super early wake ups (5.30am 😖)
Friday was spent finally packing and counting down the hours till daddy finished work at 5pm. I also dropped Harley to where he was boarding for the next week.
I also got round to marking the biggest twos height on the wall – how much has Ollie grown in a year – the growth spurts certainly explain some of his random behaviour!!
Everyone was super excited to leave for holiday in the morning – daddy especially was looking forward to the break, after having 4.30am starts for most of the summer so far!




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