A Yummy Pancake Day with the #NumNomsPancakeDay Challenge

A Yummy Pancake Day with the #NumNomsPancakeDay Challenge

One of my favourite memories of being a kid was collecting sets of little toys – maybe it’s in my personality as I now do the same with handbags and lipsticks, but its certainly a trait I’ve passed on to Izzie.

Izzie has been collecting NumNoms since last summer, and loves convincing me and my Mum to buy her new ones, or the mystery pots. She’s also been saving up her pocket money to buy more.

If you haven’t heard of NumNoms, they are small squishy food shaped characters that all have their own smell.

When we were asked to get involved in the NumNoms Pancake challenge I knew it would gain me serious Mum points. All the kids love pancakes (usually on a Sunday with Bacon and Maple syrup) and Izzie was excited to get involved.

We were kindly sent two NumNoms Mystery Pots (which can contain either nail varnish or lip gloss), a Deluxe NumNoms Series 4 set,  a Chefs Hat, a novelty pancake pan, pancake mix and some seriously yummy toppings, and set to work, making pancakes for everyone, and then adding toppings.

Izzie loves helping out in the kitchen and although Mummy and Daddy helped with the cooking, she had a whale of a time adding candy floss, marshmallows, rainbow coloured stars and Nutella to the finished pancakes.

It was only right that she was awarded the Pancake Champion certificate.

Izzie was delighted with her new NumNoms – the deluxe set contained .. NumNoms, two lipglosses and a mystery NumNom. We had various different scents from Mint Choc Chip, Berry and Candyfloss. In her mystery pots she discovered a peach and yellow sparkle nail varnish.

Normally the boys would kick off if Izzie got a toy and they didn’t but luckily they were too busy tucking into the pancakes she had made them instead.

NumNoms are a fun toy to collect – or to give as a present. Izzie has been busy ticking off the list that came in the packet so that me and her Nanny know which ones she has, just incase we go shopping.

It was the perfect way to celebrate Pancake Day.

You can find NumNoms at all good toy retailers.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent the NumNoms Deluxe Set and Mystery Pots in return for an honest review, and for taking part in the #NumNomsPancakeDay Challenge. 

All photographs and opinions are as always my own.


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