The School Run and Tyre Safety *Sponsored by Point S*

The School Run and Tyre Safety *Sponsored by Point S*
For the majority of the year, my mornings, lunchtimes and afternoons revolve around the school and preschool runs. Izzie and Ollie do not go to school/preschool in the town we live in – when we were looking at schools for Izzie, the local primary school was massively oversubscribed, and so we chose to apply to a smaller village school in a village 10 minutes or so away. Ollie attends a preschool in the next village along from Izzie’s school. This means our whole school runs are spent in the car.
Our mornings are hectic – between three kids there are two lots of bags, Ollie’s lunch bag, plus three lots of shoes, coats and hats to get in the car, before I have even thought about the kids! One thing I don’t want to have to worry about, is whether our car, and particularly our tyres are safe.
Because we live in a country town, and the school/preschool are in small villages, the majority of roads we drive on are residential, or B roads. This morning, the car and ground was frozen when we went out, the first proper frost this year. I need my car tyres to be able to get us from A to B safely in the colder weather we are now getting. Below are some of the lovely views on our school run


Tyre safety is important if you are a car owner, especially if like me you use your car regularly, and you are transporting precious cargo! Here are some important tyre safety tips to remember, especially as the weather gets colder:
  • Check the depth of your tread – the more tread you have the more grip you will have. In the U.K the minimum tyre tread requirement is 1.6mm and this should be round at least 3/4 of the centre of the tyre.
  • Check your tyre pressure – this is a job I regularly remind Ell to do – especially in the winter. Our tyre pressures are listed on the inside of the driver door, or you can find the correct pressure in your car manual. It is important to keep the tyres inflated correctly, as without the right amount of air in them, the tyres won’t be able to do their job. Always check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold, and especially before long journeys.
  • It is also very important to check your tyres regularly for damage, or irregular wear. Also check for any sharp objects or anything wedged in the tread, and for any cracks, bulges or cuts.
  • If you find any damage or wear to your tyre, get it checked or replace it immediately. You can find a wide range of car tyres to suit your budget at Point S, where you can enter your car registration number and find out what tyres you need for your car and reserve them – perfect for a car dummy like me, and then find your local dealer to get them fitted.
  • If your tyres are worn or damaged, it may invalidate your insurance, or get you penalty points and/or a fine.
  • You can also find more information about Car and Tyre Safety on the Point S website.
Checking regularly to make sure my car tyres are safe, means I have one less headache in the morning – now back to worrying about forgetting Ollie’s lunch or Izzie’s book bag!


*This post is a collaborative post with Point S Tyres – all photos are my own*

(NB – Don’t worry I did stop the car to take photos – also note the kids took their coats off once the photos were taken in the car – the coats are to show how cold it was this morning!)



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