How to ‘Survive’ a Rainbow Pregnancy

I ummed and ahhed about the title of this post – How to ‘Survive a Rainbow Pregnancy’ – to say ‘survive’ sounded slightly dramatic, but the reality is, when you have lost a baby, at whatever stage of pregnancy or infancy, getting through another pregnancy is just that – surviving. This week marks Baby Loss Awareness week 2017 (9th-15th October). I’ve written lot of posts about how we lost our second little girl Sophie at 24 weeks gestation. You can read them here if you would like to know more of our story. I have also included a video at…

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How Do You Hashtag Baby Loss? 


I use the above hashtag a lot, especially on Instagram and other social media.

Why? Because my photos generally have three children in them – there is the odd one where a tantrum has occurred or one child won’t play ball, but to the outside world, I do I have ‘three children’….

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Why I Support Kicks Count’s Campaign To Ban Home Dopplers | Our Story

In the last 7 years I have been blessed to fall pregnant four times. Four times of excitedly waiting for the word ‘Pregnant’ to flash up on that little Clearblue set screen. Four times of waiting nervously for scans, and four times of planning bedrooms and shopping for tiny little clothes. Four painful labours. Sadly despite this, only three times have I brought my babies home – three times they have slept in those bedrooms, and got to wear the tiny little clothes that I so lovingly picked out for them. Sophie our second daughter was stillborn at 24 weeks…

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5 Years Ago Today You Were Born Sleeping…Happy Birthday Sophie

Today, February 1st 2017 marks 5 years since Sophie was born sleeping. I can shut my eyes and be back in that dark room in Stroud Maternity Hospital where the midwives told us our baby had no heartbeat, and it feels like 5 minutes ago, but so much has happened since, that it also feels like a lifetime. Sophie was born after a quick and painful labour, just after midnight on Wednesday 1st February 2012. She never cried or took a breath. She had passed away possibly a few days before – we will never know exactly when. We found…

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#MovementsMatter Campaign for Tommy’s – Our story

I was really pleased to hear about the campaign Tommy’s are running to raise awareness of monitoring fetal movement, as it is a cause very close to my heart. Tommy’s are a charity that fund research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy’s campaign aims are to: increase awareness of the importance of monitoring fetal movements give women clear information about what to do and what they should expect when they seek help empower women and give them the confidence to seek help. Reduced baby movements can be the first sign that a baby is in distress.…

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Sophie | Stillbirth & Us | Our Story of Baby Loss

I’ve never written down Sophie’s story until now. I’ve had the post title ‘Sophie’ in my draft posts for a long time. I did write the post ‘February 1st‘ which included our only photo of my pregnancy with Sophie. I’ve written about how I felt about her anniversary/birthday, how it feels to be an angel mummy – especially when people don’t know you are one. I’ve not written Sophie’s story. Why? To be honest I’m not sure. Yes it is upsetting, yes it hurts, although time is a great healer. Mainly though it is because I feel guilty. I feel guilty…

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