Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor |Review

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor |Review

Disclosure: We were kindly sent the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor in exchange for an honest review. All photographs and opinions are, as always, my own.

We’ve used a video monitor since Ollie was a baby over 7 years ago, and we have had many in our time. When I was pregnant with Ottilie, we bought a new monitor, but by the time she was a year old, the rechargeable battery in the monitor wasn’t holding it’s charge anymore, which is the most annoying thing.

When Lollipop kindly gifted us their Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor (RRP £145) , I was so excited to try it out – I think once you’ve had a video monitor, it is hard to go back to one that is just sound. Firstly, I loved the packaging – we chose the pink ‘cotton candy’ colour way, to match in with the girls room – and the box design reflects your chosen colour. It also comes in pistachio (a lime green colour), and turquoise.

In the box, is the camera, leads, trunking to safely attach the lead, fixings (both that can be attached to a wall, or so that you can wrap it around the cot) and instructions on how to download the app. One of my favourite features of the Lollipop Camera is that it doesn’t come with a traditional video monitor screen, instead you download the Lollipop App and can view the feed via your iPhone. The video feed is very clear, and a good area is covered by the camera – perfect if like us you have a wriggly baby – Ottilie has even been known to sleep across the cot before – and upside down!

On the app, it will send you notifications if your baby is crying, and it has some really cool features – you can talk back to your baby, play music, and even take screen grabs of the feed if baby is doing something cute. It also saves videos of when your child wakes crying so you can view them back – usually on ours it shows Ottie being woken by her sister!

You can also buy an additional sensor (not included RRP £55) which will read the temperature, air quality and humidity in the room. I didnt feel like we needed to purchase this as Ottilie was older, however I probably would if we had had a newborn – mainly to keep track of the room temperature.

We’ve even used the app before when we’ve been out of the house to check in on Ottie when my mum has been babysitting.

One of my favourite things about the design of the camera is its very neat and tidy – this has been proven by the fact that Ottilie hasn’t yet managed to remove the camera (it is bendy and wraps around the cot). She’s very inquisitive and so I also loved that trunking came with the camera so we could neatly and safely attach the leads to the outside of the cot so that she couldn’t remove them or injure herself on them.

I really love though, that the Lollipop camera connects to our amazon devices. We use our Amazon Echo show in the kitchen to keep an eye on her – we just say ‘Alexa, Show Me Ottilie’, and we can access the live feed. Similarly it also works with our Amazon firestick on our tv in the living room.

We’ve been really impressed with the Lollipop Camera, and would highly recommend it. Its safe, sturdy and has some fantastic features – plus it looks super cute in the nursery! You can see some of the features in this video below…


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