The Siblings Project – November 2016

It feels like I say this all the time at the moment, but this month has been a mixed bag again. I’m not sure if this is now because we are busier than ever as a family, the fact that it is getting colder, and all the germs that have come along with it, or just that three kids is hard – amazing, but hard!

Half term was lovely to have them home but everyone had a cold, so it was a quiet one – which I think we all needed. We’ve had plenty of time out in the fresh air while we can, as Izzie and Ollie are still fighting constantly. I’m hoping the Christmas spirit next month will come along bring peace to us all, as the fighting is awful. I do not remember fighting with my brother the way they fight – it is like they are constantly trying to get one up on each other. I’m hoping that again it is just a stage, but they fight so much it makes the simplest tasks difficult – even over who gets in the car first! We have the odd moment of calm, and it makes me appreciate how lovely they can all play together.

Last week, all of us, bar Izzie came down with a sickness bug. Mason started throwing up Sunday night, followed within a couple of hours by Ollie. Ell then came down with it on Tuesday, and I thought I had escaped but by Friday was feeling pretty sorry for myself. It was only a 24 hour thing, but the sheer amount of extra washing made by sicky sheets, and towels, threw me out for the rest of the week, and I felt like I was on catch up. Add to this, Izzie having something planned on 4 nights last week, we were very grateful to get out for a walk in the fresh air by the time Sunday came.

Taking photos of three kids is never easy – I think I’ve said it before, but unless you get the first couple of shots with my kids, there is no hope. I’m pretty pleased with what I did get though  – although its crazy how October-ish it still looks  – the leaves were very late this year. At least whilst taking the photos they didn’t fight, so that is a bonus!

This month Izzie is loving:
* Starting Forest School
* Practising for her school Nativity
* Her Leapad

Ollie is loving:
* Rediscovering the ‘Toot Toot’ Vehicles
* Making lots of lovely crafts at Preschool
* Going on a preschool trip to Westonbirt Arboretum

Mason is loving:
* Wrecking what ever Ollie builds with the ‘Toot Toots’
* Bananas (not a new one but he would eat them all day if he could)
* Bathtime – he is a water baby like Izzie

















This has been my first month using my new camera, and I’m so happy with it. I love this link up, its an amazing way of recording the kids each month – hopefully in a few months I will look back and realise they aren’t fighting as much though. Fingers Crossed!

If you would like to link up, you can find more info here




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