Our Spring Bucket List 2017

Our Spring Bucket List 2017


I know its only the beginning of February and I don’t know about you, but I am so fed up of these damp, grey days. I’m fed up of not being able to hang washing outside, I’m fed up of lugging around coats, hat and gloves, and I’m fed up of the car being grimy and dirty, so that I have to yell at the kids not to push against it as they end up filthy.
With this in mind, I though I’d share my Spring Bucket list for 2017 – and i’ve included a few photos from when we took some in the Bluebells last year. Roll on the brighter days!

Lambing – I want to find a local farm where the kids can go and see and maybe feed the lambs – if anyone has any recommendations in Wiltshire or Gloucesterhisre, please let me know.
Bluebells – As you can see from the photos, they came out beautiful last year and I can’t wait to go and take some more in 2017.

Daffodils in the house – I’ve embraced this one already – you can’t beat bright flowers that shout SPRING!
Easter egg hunt – Every year we do an Easter Egg Hunt in my mums garden, and the kids love it. This year Mason will be big enough to join in too.
Beach walk Woolacombe – I love Woolacombe, and I really want to take the ids and the dog for the day early spring so they can paddle, and build some sandcastles – the water and sands there is gorgeous, and its where I spent every childhood holiday until the age of about 8.
Ride bikes and scooters – the kids got new scooters for Christmas, but they haven’t been used much yet as the weather is so grotty. I’m looking forward to Izzie getting rid of her last stabiliser, and getting Ollie riding confidently.

Spring clean & painting -we’ve cleaned out a lot in the house over the last few months, but a good spring clean is in order, and we have lots of decoaritn jobs to do – its just finding the time for Ell to do it – as he does it for a job, I feel bad making him do it at the weekend.
Clean up the garden – Last year we laid artificial turf and it is amazing. I can’t wait to rake up the dried leaves, and pressure wash the path, and possibly sort the trampoline out for the kids. All the fences and gate will need another coat of paint too. I love it when the kids can play outside again.
Make Easter Nest Cakes – soemthing we always did growing up – shredded what, melted chocolate and mini eggs – a quick easy, and not too easy activity for the kids to do.

I really can’t wait for Spring and Summer this year – what is on your Spring Bucket List – let me know in the comments?


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