What I’ve learnt about my style in the last year…

What I’ve learnt about my style in the last year…

DISCLOSURE: This post contains items that were very kindly gifted to me (they are marked {gifted})

2020 was a funny old year – I mean thats the understatement of my life but I’m not going into that right now – and I found myself doing a lot of things I’d never done before – can anyone say home learning – actually please don’t, I’ve heard that phrase enough to last me until the kids leave school!

I realised that being in lockdown, having a lot of gorgeous weather and maybe turning another year older, that a lot of things I thought were a given with my personal style have changed slightly. I’ve always been rather ‘boring’ – a breton, jeans and some tan footwear has always been my go to since my mid twenties – effortless and still looks relatively stylish, and I still very much love it, but maybe now I’m hitting my mid thirties it was time to change things up ever so slightly. I also flit between countryside/school run/comfy style clothing so my wardrobe is a bit of a random mix – all the more fun when trying to find something to wear though!

Anyway without further ado, heres what I’ve learnt about my style in the last year…

  1. I’ll pick a dress a lot more – Dresses are a great ‘mum’ outfit choice and what I’ve loved about wearing a casual dress, is that you can just throw it on, and aside from maybe some tights (and obviously your undies), job done. No thinking involved or trying to make it work with another item of clothing. I definitely find a dress much less restrictive than jeans – and this winter have found a particular love for jumper dresses. In the past I’ve always considered a dress to be more of a going out thing than a day to day outfit choice but in the last year my mind has definitely been changed. I am a long time Joules fan and their dresses work for smart and casual so well. Here are some of my favourites:

2. I can’t pull off fancy loungewear – There are some seriously stylish people on instagram, wearing some absolute gorgeous knitted loungewear. I so so wish I could pull it off, but four kids down the line, and a mum tum to show for it, everything clings exactly where it shouldn’t. It may also be worth noting I’m still the proud owner of some velour joggers circa J.Lo in her Ja Rule phase – so lets face it I’m not the most ‘trendy’ (what a word), but the closest you’ll get me to fancy loungewear is black leggings and a baggy sweatshirt – if you are in need of a gorgeous one here is as little something I have my eye on – this gorgeous blue sweatshirt from Be Glad. I’ve been lucky enough to work them recently and can highly recommend their gorgeous cowl neck hoodies which I’ve practically lived in – I was kindly {gifted} the charcoal one with the orange writing in the photo below and its so snuggly.

Be Glad have kindly given me a discount code to share with you all – use ‘GEMMA25’ for 25% off your order!

3. I LOVE Gold Jewellery – which is something I nerve thought I’d say. Up until last year, I didn’t own anything gold except a pair of ear studs. Last year I got to chose a special necklace for Mother’s day with the kids names on, and I was really drawn to the gold one. Since then I’ve added to my gold collection, and I love layering different length necklaces. A current favourite is this gorgeous Triangle Necklace from Jewel Editions that was kindly {gifted} to me – simple and understated but stunning – and perfect for layering with a longer piece.

4. Long hair no longer suits me – now this might be a lockdown thing, as I’ve gone from a person who has had their roots coloured every 5 weeks, to having my hair dyed twice last year – and I’m currently rocking grey roots thanks to the latest lockdown. It may be that I’m hating its currently length and the time it takes to style it. It may also be since having Ottilie in 2018 my hair has changed – especially since losing A LOT of it due to postpartum, and probably the stress of Izzie’s operation last year, but I feel like long hair seems to age me now. It’s so thin and lifeless – and ironically I had a cut booked in for this week to chop it off into a bob – thank Boris – but long hair no longer makes me happy. In my early twenties I would even go as far as to chuck in some clip in extensions to have long locks but those days are gone. I think once we are out of this lockdown i’ll be fully committing to a long bob for the foreseeable future. I want my hair in the same style I had it in July 2016 – I just hope it won’t be too much longer to wait for a cut as at the moment its a mess of regrown baby hair, dryness and knots! The only way I get get it looking half decent and with a bit of volume at the moment is with my Dyson Airwrap – however with working and home learning, the time I have to do it is severely lacking – it ended up in some semblance of a bun most of the time to avoid the knots.

Take me back to July 2016 hair – and mum’s nights out with my bestie. Definitely going for this style when we are out of lockdown!

5. Finally, investment in good quality pieces is key. I’ve spent years and years buying cheaper things (Primark I’m looking at you) and in the last year I’ve tried to shop smarter, and buy quality items that will last. One of my key investments last year (they were actually my end of year teacher present to myself) was a pair of Fairfax and Favour heeled Regina boots – they come in different widths and colours – obviously i went for tan – and you can change the tassels to suit your outfit (or mood). I’ve got so much wear out of them already (relatively speaking for how much we’ve been able to leave the house this year) and I’m so glad I took the plunge and invested in them. Investment pieces are a cause of controversy in this house, as Ell insists and investment should make you money, however the dictionary defines it as

‘a thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.’

and I’m glad my boots are proving me right.

I think its interesting how my style has evolved since I’ve got older, and i’m hoping that when we are out of this lockdown i’ll still feel like ‘me’ again. It will definitely take some time of get out my leggings rut but I’m hopeful those days are on the horizon!


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