AD | Amtico Trends for 2021

AD | Amtico Trends for 2021

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The arrival of 2021 brings with it fresh ideas, challenges and trends – and flooring requirements are high among those areas of trending for the year ahead.

In talks with interior designers, it was highlighted that lowest price Amtico Spacia flooring is still at the top of people’s want list when it comes to flooring choices, pushing ahead of carpet, laminate and hardwood flooring as the most popular flooring choice on today’s market within modern homes.

Which styles of Amtico are the better styles to incorporate into your home for 2021 by experts in design?


No matter what there is no substitute for classical.

Parquet flooring used to be for those homes such as manor houses or luxury homes, but the implementation of parquet style vinyl flooring is perfectly able to transport modern and contemporary homes a sense of this classical feel complete with a sleek and elegant finish.

Primarily as a way to impress guests, parquet design has been a big hit to warrant a comeback of sorts, showcasing an eye catching assortment of wood palettes and colours to perfectly compliment any room. Plus it is proven to be much cheaper than a real hardwood alternative, providing plenty of pennies to lavish the home in other areas.

Click Smart

Click smart vinyl flooring is another incredibly popular form of Amtico vinyl, especially down to its extra comfort underfoot and warmth – which makes it the popular choice for bathrooms in place of ceramic tiles.

As well as being a great force for water and moisture resistance, it also acts as a great insulator that contributes to energy savings within the home, providing extra savings on heating and complying with greener standards within the home.

As well as the many other qualities that make click smart vinyl a much desired choice, it provides a 20 year guarantee on tiles which is quite the confidence that their product is one that will stand the test of time.


Apart from the Signature range, Spacia is by far the most desired look and feel to a home when choosing the cheapest amtico flooring uk.

When not choosing wood or parquet design, people opt to lay their kitchens with the perfectly replicated stone, slate or marble designs that Spacia have to showcase. A firm favorite of interior designers for kitchens, bathrooms and hobby rooms, spacia is a specialist design that caters towards rooms with high risk of moisture or stain probability, supplying a product that is easy to clean and maintains its lasting impression.

With the implementation of Amtico luxury vinyl flooring, interior designers are advising that customers choose this option over its real life counterparts to help with savings in money, time and environmental use. 


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