Disneyland Paris March 2016 Days 4 & 5

Disneyland Paris March 2016 Days 4 & 5
The last couple of days were more about fitting in what we hadn’t already done, who we hadn’t met and rides we wanted to do again!
Another super early start on day 4, and the queues to meet the characters we already really long. We had not yet met Donald in our three trips, so we waited 45 minutes to meet him. We love Donald!! Mason was still loving the Tula ❤️






I love this photo!

Today’s lunch was booked at the restaurant that is next to the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride ‘The Blue Lagoon’ – the boats actually go through the restaurant! The theming here was AMAZING. With the sounds of the water from the ride, the dim lighting, the sand and the fireflies in the sky, it really felt like you were on a Caribbean beach in the dark. The food was mainly seafood but all of our food was delicious – I would definitely go back.



There was a ship wrecked pirate ship next to our table.


We managed to find Peter Pan. He was so fantastic with the kids and well worth the wait to meet him.







We love the Tula!




A different position to watch the parade today.






Photo pass photos – the kids were looking really tired at this point!







All Ollie wanted to do was meet Spider Man – how precious is this photo – Ollie was in awe!



We finally met Buzz! Very happy children 🙂


Another go on Pirates of the Caribbean – think this was their favourite ride 🙂

Not forgetting Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

We had to start another queue and wait an hour to meet Merida on day 5. We only had til 3pm as we had to collect our luggage ready for the Eurostar home. We managed to catch the ‘Forest of Enchantment’ show – you tube it – it was spectacular. The kids love watching it on YouTube on a regular basis now.











We had to take the token ‘pulling the sword out of the stone’ photo.



The dragon is hiding under Sleeping Beauty’s castle – it moves and is actually quite scary!


Love this photo!


The castle stage was empty so they had a good few minutes of dancing around 🙂






The journey home was pretty awful. Huge delays on the Eurostar, during which no one informed any of the passengers what was happening and we were already through security, but they wouldn’t let anyone on the train, so we were stuck in a tiny holding area with no food or water for nearly two hours. When we finally got on the train, we had missed our tunnel slot, so we were stuck for another hour on the train. We were meant to arrive back to Ashford at 5pm and finally got in just before 9pm, and then had a 3 and bit hour drive home. The worst part was there was no compensation or apology from Eurostar. We have decided, if we go to Disneyland Paris again we will drive. We were exhausted but nothing could ruin the amazing time we had, and the memories we made.
…Til next time Disneyland Paris 😘



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