10 Travel/Packing Tips for a Holiday with Younger Children…

10 Travel/Packing Tips for a Holiday with Younger Children…

As we are off on holiday tomorrow I thought I would write down my top 10 tips for packing for a holiday with children….

  1. Get them to pack their own bags  – I don’t mean clothes, but give them a bag and whatever toys, books, games or hair things they want to take, they can pack in their own bag for themselves. It teaches them a bit of responsibility, and takes the pressure off of you if anything if forgotten.
  2. If you have a younger child who still uses a travel cot, I highly recommend one of these travel cot mattress enhancers from John Lewis – it makes the matress that bit more comfortable, and if like me you worry about them sleeping in a cot that has been used by hundreds of others, it gives a good barrier between them and the mattress.
  3. Make a list – and I don’t mean on a a piece of paper. I have a list for both us and the kids that I created on my computer. I use this year after year, edit it where necessary and then print it out, so I can be sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. Outfit plan – I am a serial over packer and with younger children it can be tempting to take loads incase they get dirty. For example if I am going for a week I will choose things that can be mixed a matched and take around 12 different outfits for them each – mainly incase we go out in the evening.
  5. Pack some washing liquid – if you don’t have access to a washing machine, just pack some washing liquid and at least you can rinse out sandy swimwear or dirty underwear.
  6. Ikea Sandwich bags – if you are short on space, I highly recommend packing each childs outfit in one these amazing bags from Ikea. When we went to Disneyland last year I packed enough clothes, nightwear and underwear for all three children for 5 days in a carry on suitcase. The bags act like vacuum bags as you can squeeze the air out saving room in your suitcase. The bags can then we used when you are away to repack the dirty outfits or for storing things when you are there.
  7. Start packing a week before – that way you can avoid clothes being worn and having to do any emergency wash the night before you go. 
  8. Multi Purpose Toiletries – I highly recommend the Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim which is a shampoo conditioner and body wash in one. It saves space and a bottle will last all three of mine at least a week when we are away. It also smells lovely!
  9. Buy it there – if you are holidaying in the UK and have limited room in the car, don’t take loads of food and drinks with you – just a do a quick food shop when you are there.
  10. Keep Buckets and Spades – try and keep a set at home to take with you on holiday – generally you will find that prices are hiked up in seaside areas, so try and remember to take them with you.

*Yes we actually packed the Dyson*



  1. August 5, 2017 / 12:27 pm

    Wow ! kids are so cute !

  2. August 5, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Amazing Packing Tips for a Holiday with Younger Children ! 10 tips are more helpful for any traveler .
    Specially number 10 is, i obey the last tip always when i make travel in a vacation with my twin babies.

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