The Ultimate Labour Hospital Bag List

The Ultimate Labour Hospital Bag List

It’s a bit of a random one from me today.

I’m definitely not pregnant, or preparing a hospital bag before we start.

I do however have a few friends that are currently pregnant. In the past I have passed this list on to pregnant friends when they were packing their hospital bags – and so I thought I would pop the list down in a blog post – with some links to my favourite products – so that when I need to pass it on again I have it all ready.

After three labours I think by the time I had Mason I had this list finely tuned. My hospital bag was the Pink Lining Holdall in the photo above – I’m not sure if they are still available but it is the perfect size bag. I also took along my changing bag with some of the babies bits in, so that it was easier for Ell to find after they had been born.

I’ve included in this list bits for Mummy, Baby and Daddy.

Without further ado, here is my ULTIMATE hospital bag list:


Maternity notes

Old tshirt/nightie to labour in (although I used the hospital gown as it was nice and cool)

Bikini (if planning a water birth)

Hair tie

Facial Mist/Water spray (perfect for cooling down your face)

Pillow (personal preference, I prefer my own pillow)

PJs (its nice to have some clean PJs to put on after you have given birth)

Maternity bras x2

Breast pads

Outfit to wear home (leggings are good and a sweatshirt are good)

Fluffy socks

Huge pants (I always get a size larger so they are comfy – hideous but comfy!)

Maternity pads (the hospital one are the best really the thicker the better)

Flip flops (instead of slippers)


Dry shampoo

Lip balm

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Face wipes – the Primark Sensitive ones are the best

(Bare minimum) make up bag – concealer, mascara and eyebrow pencil for me)


Travel shampoo and conditioner (just incase)

Shower gel (I use a travel size baby bath as it’s gentle)

Hairbrush/ tangle teezer


Large dark coloured towel


Arnica pillules (I’ve had three lots of tears/stitches and these work wonders to help you heal)

Lucozade/ glucose tablets (for energy)

Lavender essential oil (for the bath – helps with healing)

Witch hazel (distilled – to put on maternity pads to help with healing – particularly good if you put them in the freezer)

Ear plugs (ward is loud)

Couple of straws

Small bottle of squash

Chewing gum

Phones & chargers

Camera (and charger)

Change for car park (£10 worth of £1 coins)


Snacks and drink

Clean tshirt and pants




Pre made bottles with teats (just in case)

Pack of size 1 pampers

4x short sleeved vests

4x sleep suits with scratch mitts

3x cotton hats

Baby blanket

Cotton wool (large pads)

Going home outfit

Water Wipes


Car seat (leave in the car until needed)

 EDIT: I forgot to add that it is always worth having a spare bag at home with extra nightclothes/clothes for yourself – and extra clothes and nappies for baby just incase your hospital stay ends up being longer! 

Is there anything I’ve missed? Pop it below in the comments if you think of anything. I really hope this is helpful to any expectant mums – feel free to share it amongst your pregnant friends!


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  1. Nina
    August 11, 2017 / 7:40 am

    Hi hun,

    What a great list and I think you got most, but I would add that the knickers soul be black, and a pack flannel for that first shower. Also hair ties, and possibly an extra towl to dry long hair in (you don’t want to tie the one you used to your body around the hair).

    Nippel cream, and if planning on breastfeeding I was recommended not to bring in bottles as hospital can provide if breastfeeding does not work out but if bottle feeding please do bring.

    I would also surges that mum packs an extra bag there is left at home with extra clothing for her and baby if she sadly ends up having to stay in longer. My first was a very sicky baby so needed dad to bring in some extra clothing, and what he brought in was a very strange collection.
    Also we never bothered with scratchy mittens but baby socks tends to stay on better 😉

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